The Girlfriend Experience – My Review

Posted: December 3, 2016 in -

J. Giambrone


This TV adaptation of the llittle indie film worked better than the original.

I was surprised, but I do like sexy stories of adventurous characters who don’t easily fall into cliches. One reason I liked the cold and sociopathic Christine was personal, and so won’t be mentioned. She does have more range and intensity than Sasha Grey. But more importantly, the show had a better arc to bring Christine into the life. The original film was static and flat.


The prostitution angle soon gave way to an elaborate legal drama. The show diverged significantly from the movie, which was in some ways an improvement. The lawyer gig doesn’t make it all the way through the season however, leaving the plot sort of dangling in the air. That was a strange choice, and it let the helium out of the balloon.

The high-risk / high-reward lifestyle stands out, and Christine is…

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