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Queen Elizabeth II Attends The State Opening Of Parliament


Democrats Embrace Conservative Conspiracy Theorist to Lead Russia Hysteria


Since her short-lived political career, Louise Mensch has developed a reputation among Clinton partisans as a constant purveyor of Russian election interference allegations and conspiracy theories. Like several Clinton partisans, her Twitter feed is completely focused on the anti-Russia narrative.

…On March 20, Mensch retweeted a tweet claiming, “We are at war with Russia.” Mensch has previously called for all out war on Russia, with “precision bombing raids. Bank hacks. Massive cyber war.” This war mongering hysteria from Mensch has lead her to claim that anything she disagrees with is a Russian plot, including her insistence that disgraced former Rep. Anthony Weiner was sexting a Russian hacker instead of a 15 year-old girl—despite the teen being interviewed in person.


Would anyone stop him?

Right Now, Trump Can Start a Nuclear War



Talking dildo posits the theory that Trump has never lied, because he just speaks a language where word meanings are completely flexible…

Donald Trump was speaking ‘Americanese,’ not lying



9/11 Truth just went mainstream, 16 years late?

JASTA moves forward:

9/11 Families Sue Saudi Arabia in Terror Attacks


Don’t buy into NBC’s mind numbing spin. These are the facts of 9/11 as we know them today:

9/11 & 28 Pages of Treason


Never accept the editorializing of corporate shills. Ever.



Young Nazi wannabees invade Mexico and start shit in Cancun. Generation Fucktard partying through the apocalypse…

Irony escapes douchebros:
Spring breakers on Cancun cruise chant ‘Build that wall’



A little corny, a little dumbed-down.




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Every weekend is a golf trip…


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Penny Dreadful S1 – My Review

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J. Giambrone


What do you get when you cross Frankenstein with Dracula and throw in a bunch of other Victorian tropes? Not what I thought, this is pretty epic stuff. That said, I’m not completely happy about the vampire plotline, and I’ll bicker for a while on that.

But first a nod to all the fine acting and much-needed gothic horror. Filmed in Dublin, they built immense sets from scratch. They spared no expense to take us back to 1890, where perhaps the era is romanticized, the Brits lionized, a tad too much.

It’s a broody, depressed, craving, obsessive world, and your faves may show up if you keep watching.


They do mix the ugly with the beautiful. Eva Green, versatile actress, I’m not sure if I’m attracted to her or repulsed by her. She transforms constantly. Victor Frankenstein, well I know better than to trust that guy. We also have Dorian…

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