Big Lies and World War 3

Posted: April 7, 2017 in -

J. Giambrone


No, I do not for a second believe that the Syrian government used sarin gas, just as they didn’t in 2013, just as they didn’t massacre civilians in Houla in 2012. These are lies put out by so-called “activists” who are the rebels’ psyops operations. These “activists” have been shown to be liars so many times, and yet the US media repeats all of their claimsuncritically. That’s collusion, a longstanding pattern of disinformation. That’s how the empire works. It doesn’t have to be true; it just has to be broadcast endlessly, because people are lazy (the dirty secret).


What most likely happened the other day in Syria is the obvious: an Al Nusrah Front sarin operation was bombed by very conventional bombs. Exactly what the Russian defense ministry said, which is why Trump just attacked them before any legitimate investigations could determine the truth. The…

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