The Death of Truth & the Death of Us All

Posted: May 1, 2017 in -
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Parry is now the go-to news source in America, of only a handful of journalists worthy of trust. America has drowned in lies.

The Existential Question of Whom to Trust

Instead, careerism is the order of the day among journalists, intelligence analysts and international monitors – meaning that almost no one who might normally be relied on to tell the truth can be trusted.

…For instance, The New York Times’ Pentagon correspondent Michael R. Gordon, who was the lead writer on the infamous “aluminum tubes for nuclear centrifuges” story which got the ball rolling for the Bush administration’s rollout of its invade-Iraq advertising campaign in September 2002, still covers national security for the Times – and still serves as a conveyor belt for U.S. government propaganda.

…The Washington Post’s editorial page editor Fred Hiatt, who repeatedly informed the Post’s readers that Iraq’s secret possession of WMD was a “flat-fact,” is still the Post’s editorial page editor, one of the most influential positions in American journalism.

  1. sahhobbs says:

    Perry is “spot on” in many cases, however he is crucially dismissive of anything other than the official 911 account. This makes him untrustworthy.

  2. Editor says:

    I hadn’t seen that. Link?

  3. Editor says:

    He contacted me by email. I told him about a dozen inconvenient facts. He still insisted on calling controlled demolition “crazy” despite it being the most likely scenario. I pointed out that at least three intelligence services were implicated, CIA, Saudi, and Mossad, and that all bets were off. He didn’t have a response.

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