Propaganda Zombie Discovers PFB @propornot #libel

Posted: May 2, 2017 in -
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After shown to be ass clowns of the lowest order, and even disavowed by the equally corrupt Washington Post, PROPORNOT still grinds on. Today they discovered the Political Film Blog.

So, let’s look at what they’re claiming, shall we?


“This is what Russian-Assad regime propaganda looks like…”


The source is clearly: Theodore A. Postol Professor Emeritus of Science, Technology, and National Security Policy Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Postol’s name is even identified in the Tweet they have chosen to demonize.

So, according to propaganda front “Propornot” Theodore Postol of MIT is an agent of Russia and/or Syria. Oh really? Where’s that evidence, clowns?


“It wants to muddy the waters around Assad’s history of chemical weapons massacres” (sic)


Glaringly false again. They first assume the conclusion and then demonize anyone who would investigate what actually happened and what verifiable evidence supports it. They do this deliberately, knowingly, and are themselves the propagandists in this discussion.

This is an anti-propaganda blog. “Propornot” is the kind of propaganda we do not tolerate, and will continue to discredit. It’s pretty easy, too, since they do most of the heavy lifting discrediting themselves.

Washington Post’s ‘Fake News’ Guilt



One hour before the “Propornot” Tweet, the Postol post was noticed by ELIOT HIGGINS.


I think we may have a lead as to who is behind these anonymous shit tossers.

Higgins was completely discredited for making up bogus claims about the Syrian military and the Ghouta 2013 Sarin attack. Is this what privatized covert intelligence operations/PSYOPS look like??? (Low-budget ones!)


  1. DDTea says:

    Are you still refusing to call Postol out on his glaring errors? He fails to do basic fact checking. He has been wrong TWICE about hexamine.

    First, that it cannot be used in the DF/IPA reaction, because it’s insoluble in IPA. Secondly, that hexamine is a residue from explosives. Neither of these statements is true, and I provided peer reviewed references that clearly contradict what Postol is saying. In fact, the authors of those reports have more impressive credentials than Postol himself.

    There can be no excuse for you to continue touting Postol’s work without even a note of caution, when time and again he has been made such basic errors. It reflects a laziness in his methods, arrogance, and even incompetence.

  2. Editor says:

    I allowed your comments. Would you like my liver?


    And according to your own claims his central thesis is correct. It’s a natural product of Sarin generally and not some “signature” related to the Syrian military?

    Are you changing your claim now?

    Because that’s the only thing that matters here.

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