Jackpot (Norway, 2014) – My #Review

Posted: May 11, 2017 in -

J. Giambrone


This Norwegian import has the Cheap Thrills, low-budget crime, black comedy vibe. And Cheap Thrills still stands as the king of the hill, a twisted indie masterpiece.


In Jackpot they covered all their bases. It’s got strippers, a strip club massacre, big money, scumbags killing each other regularly, and bumbling cops. And the botched body disposal operation, let’s not forget that.


There are plenty of laughs, if you laugh at that sort of thing, in this quirky tale, and a few groans, miscues. Overall, this is the kind of film I love, and so I’m forgiving when they go all out with blood splattered across the ceilings followed by a mundane breakfasts with grandma.

Could this have used another script polish? Absolutely. But it put me in a good mood, and so it should do the same for you.

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