Putin on #Russiagate

Posted: June 18, 2017 in -
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“Any talk about our influencing the outcome of the US election is all lies. They are doing it due to a number of reasons. First, they are trying to undermine the legitimacy of President Trump, create conditions that must preclude us from normalizing our relations, and they want to create additional instruments to wage an internal political war. And Russia-US relations in this context are just a mere instrument in the internal political fight in the US.”


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  1. “Russia-gate” is a giant psyop to deflect attention from US/Saudi/Qatar WikiLeaks revelations about ISIS state-sponsorship, the outing of US’ major historical form of covert warfare, along with destroying the gigantic myth/lie of the “war on terror”. Assange told Pilger in the RT interview many weeks ago Clinton emails of most importance were those revealing she knew in 2014 of Saudi and Qatar governments financing ISIS, which should have been (should have, but was unbelievably buried, unmentioned by any of the 535 men and women in US Congress) front page news worldwide. The coverup has become nearly as effective as 9/11…

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