Youtube Censors for US Empire

Posted: July 23, 2017 in -
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Video has been deleted:

 “US Key Man in Syria Worked Closely with ISIL and Jabhat al Nusra,” 

I should have downloaded a copy.

Here’s an explanation of the video:

ISIS as U.S. Creation: The Clearest Authenticated Video Evidence to Date

(link corrected)

Youtube/Google is erasing our vital history, sending it down Winston Smith’s Memory Hole.

And doing “evil.”


  1. It might be totally reasonable to assert that cyber-warfare has escalated at certain popular sites on the internet. Trying to gain information on the site mentioned here has become noticeably more difficult using F-irefox, web pages are slow to download and distorted (requiring multiple refreshes) – while A-vast Safe Zone browser (comes with free anti-virus software) is fast as lightning without any problems at all. Caught (2) Trojan infections, thankfully found by Malware-bytes before any more damage was done. It’s possible (a gut sense) the malicious code came through watching a foreign language video and clicking translation commands for English.

    Using F-irefox, videos stop and start, sometimes stop altogether, and is of course extremely frustrating. If others have the same issues, then the channels where they occurred get less and less traffic/views. Major problems navigating WordPress as well, while A-vast is superb. It is difficult to explain the vast difference between the performance of F-irefox browser and A-vast’s browser when comparing the results – like night and day, on the same computer. Thanks for allowing venting of computer frustrations. One imagines there’s a lot of similar frustration going around these days, unfortunately experienced by people trying to spread the truth.

  2. Editor says:

    Chrome works pretty well, but then Google probably tracks everything.

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