Holy Hell – My Review

Posted: September 3, 2017 in Joe Giambrone

J. Giambrone


The sheeple recount their experiences with Michel. Some mind-blowing claims kick off this doc. The followers of the Buddhafield never believed they were in a cult, and the paranoid master discouraged the term. “Michel” made it clear that anyone should leave if they were dissatisfied, but it took more than twenty years for the hypnotized children to wake up.


I like investigations of cults. Most people are in some sort of cult-like subculture. Critical faculties are turned off in favor of group belonging, group think, acceptance.  It is the norm, not an aberration. Cult leaders just exploit it for personal gain and take the predispositions further than in other arenas.

The best cult film I ever saw was The Source Family, a legendary LA cult full of beautiful lost flower children trying to keep the 60s alive. Holy Hell tells a similar tale, and it includes far more footage…

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