BULLSHIT ALERT: Andrew Cockburn Spins 9/11 Treason

Posted: September 13, 2017 in -
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Cockburn gets the red carpet at Harpers and Democracy Now to blame the Saudis and ignore US official Treason.

 It’s not “incompetence” when you do it on purpose, Andrew. This is outrageous manipulation:

“The degree of cumulative incompetence was breathtaking. Most egregiously, the CIA had been well aware that two known Al Qaeda operatives, Nawaf al-Hazmi and Khalid al-Mihdhar, were en route to the United States, but the agency had refused to tell the FBI. The FBI, meanwhile, had multiple reports in its San Diego office on locally based Saudis suspected of terrorist associations, but failed to take action.”

They didn’t “fail.” They were ordered not to take action.

That is TREASON.

The bullshit “incopetence theory” of CIA behavior does not pass the laugh test. It must be thoroughly discredited, as I have been doing here for years.

America’s Willful Negligence Concerning the 9/11 Attacks

CIA was hiding known Al Qaeda terrorists inside the USA for 16 months while it SIMULTANEOUSLY pretended to warn the White House about “spectacular attacks” that were imminent. So the 50-60 CIA officers who knew about the Al Qaeda cell were allegedly so “incompetent” that they couldn’t simply get them arrested!

No. CIA sided with terrorists instead of with US law enforcement, which is not all that difficult to get in touch with. That’s what really happened. The Saudi angle is the B plot.



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