I Am Not Your Negro – My Review

Posted: September 20, 2017 in Joe Giambrone

J. Giambrone

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Devastating. This is the best documentary I have seen this year. It’s a must-see, history done right.

James Baldwin sets out to tell the stories of Medgar Evers, Malcolm X, and Martin Luther King Jr., as well as his own journey. Based on the book, the film includes tons of the exact right archive material to pull it all together. The visuals flow, and the stakes are high.


This is a critique of America, and one I mostly agree with. It’s an ugly story of hatred, murder, racism, struggle. And it is not approved by some corporate board. This is the raw story of racism in modern America.

The director pulls current clips of Black Lives Matter paired with KKK from the 60s. The implication is that things haven’t changed, which is where I may have to part ways with the director. Things have changed in many major ways, but…

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  1. nomad says:

    things have changed, but not racism.

  2. nomad says:

    You’re not going to publish this either but I doubt that you dont read it. Thats cool, because you are the one I’m talking too. Racism is the prime example of the saying that the more things change, the more they remain the same.

  3. Editor says:

    I guess you were premature with your admonition. But everyone has to keep the same hours as you, huh?

    It’s not the same. Things have evolved in almost every arena. You just had a black (or half black) president for 8 years. The hardcore racists have regrouped and organized to rebel against that. Against tolerance and equality. It’s very ugly, but they are a minority themselves.

    This obsession with trying to make it about whites generally distracts from the very real, specific problems of police violence without accountability. When you try and demonize a race, in this case the white race, you make it about rhetoric and word policing, rather than real policing and violence. That’s counterproductive and it alienates the allies you need to succeed. Why would anyone help those who are openly attacking them because of their race? I see it ten times a day, the “white privilege” NONSENSE.

    I have no “white privilege.” Sorry. Where do I get some?

    On the other hand, I chronicle the real CRIMES of RACISTS that keep occurring. But that doesn’t count, because, of course, I’m white. So I’m part of the “white devil.” I don’t tolerate racism, not against you, and MOST FUCKING CERTAINLY not against me. I don’t have any of that “white guilt” they keep trying to sell the gullible. I didn’t do anything to black or brown people. I’ve got nothing to be guilty for, at all. Even my “ancestors” were lower class common laborers who weren’t even in America during slave times. Ever consider that? Most Americans today immigrated in the early 1900s. We didn’t do it. You can’t look at a white person and know A FUCKING THING about them or their ancestors. Pretending you can is: RACIST.

    So the question is: do you want allies or targets for your ire?

  4. nomad says:

    thats not the question. i assumed that since you have not published my comments in the past that the pattern was clear. thanks for proving me wrong. for the record it does not matter to me whether you are an ally. and nothing i have posted here has a hint of ire. thats your paranoia. did i say anything to you about white privilege.? get a grip.

  5. Editor says:

    You personally, no. Everything isn’t about you personally.

  6. nomad says:

    who said it was? why do you keep coming up with these ridiculous suppositions about what you think i represent? get a grip.

    And regarding who has given indication of friendliness, I was giving likes to your posts long before I commented. It was you who took offense and refused to publish my comments. Mild criticism at worst. You would have to be pretty thin skinned to be offended it. The question is do I want to be allies? The question is do you want to be allies. Either way I will always be critical.

  7. Editor says:

    I don’t know what comments you’re referring to. I get a lot of crazies. And bots.

  8. nomad says:

    okay then. im not a crazy and im not a bot.

  9. nomad says:

    this one here. and i think one other.

    or maybe it just takes you a long time to get around to moderating.

  10. Editor says:

    But you are bugging me, typing about nothing. I have other things to do.

  11. Editor says:

    The one where I posted three of your posts, and you STILL don’t get the sarcasm? I don’t feel like explaining memes to everyone who stops by.

  12. nomad says:

    because those last two comments were not there the last time i checked, which was long after they had been submitted.

  13. nomad says:

    well arent you a prissy fella. whoop the do. you dont have to explain a damn thing. respond to the comment or dont. but dont censor it, well censor it if you want but dont make up excuses for your censorship. Wait. make up excuses. do whatever the hell you want. i dont care. publish the comment. dont publish the comment. but dont expect me to respect you if you dont.

  14. Editor says:

    What was I saying about all those crazies…

  15. nomad says:

    its all about you, fella.

  16. Editor says:

    The previous incident was all about you not getting an obvious joke. The drinking tea is a popular meme, and they applied it to the nazi situation, and Assange pointing it out in his own Tweet. I don’t know how much I have to explain, but it’s a simple meme where the person drinking the tea usually says, “But that’s none of my business.”

    I really have better things to do now. So, stop bugging me.

  17. nomad says:

    well, you could have done just what did there. now was that so hard, my gentle snowflake? stop bugging you? with pleasure. sorry i bothered in the first place.

  18. Editor says:

    I don’t mind a valid comment. I don’t want 10.

  19. nomad says:

    didnt publish that one. im not surprised. i dont expect you to publish this one either, but go to to site and read the article. its not good to be ignorant of white privilege. it borders on racism.

    “Americans, and higher-income whites in particular, vastly overestimate progress toward economic equality between blacks and whites, the psychologists reported Monday in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Americans believe that blacks and whites are more equal today than they truly are on measures of income, wealth, wages and health benefits. And they believe more historical progress has occurred than is the case, suggesting “a profound misperception of and unfounded optimism” regarding racial equality.”

  20. Editor says:

    Since you made a RELEVANT comment (for a change), I’ll approve it. I don’t agree. The millions upon millions of poor whites aren’t wasting sleep over the economic problems of other races. It’s a class issue. There’s no such thing as “white privilege” and your quote makes no attempt to prove there is.

  21. nomad says:

    Any White Cop Can Kill a Black Man at Any Time

    that’s white privilege; and there are many other examples i can give.

  22. Editor says:

    1. Not true.
    2. Racist police are a police problem, not a problem with the white race.

    Trying to make it about the entire white race with your RACIST fiction “white privilege” makes you part of the problem. You’re instigating racial hatred with racist smears.

    3. I’m not approving any of your comments where you do so.
    4. The word privilege has a definition. You cannot contort the language for your convenience. I’m now done making this point, as I hate repeating myself.
    5. White privilege actually DID exist, when it was encoded in laws, and it was the offical policy in the US and places like apartheid S. Africa and Israel too. We don’t have tnat now. All the angry hysteria won’t make it true.
    6. What I said in my first post stands.

  23. nomad says:

    Banned from Jerk Giambrone’s blog, I responded to his claim that white privilege is a fiction at his latest post at Washington’s Blog. Completely off topic. But that’s what I like about Washington’s Blog comment threads. Anything (almost) goes. You can say whatever the hell you want; without being censored. As a man who has to endure racial discrimination on a daily basis, sometimes impacting me greatly, this ignorant statement [there is no white privilege] really pissed me off.

    another white privilege

    not being assaulted by police at starbucks or while playing golf.

  24. nomad says:

    prisons entomb one-quarter of all the world’s inmates. (One out of every eight prisoners on the planet is an African American.)

    and its not because we are innately depraved

  25. Editor says:

    Racist incidents are not the same as a “privilege” for an entire race. It’s not systemic, and it’s not to the benefit of the entire race. It’s an abuse of language, hyperbole, and essentially a racist anti-white argument.

    You alienate the same people you want to be on your side by claiming they are part of some “privileged” class that doesn’t exist. How’s that working out for you?

  26. nomad says:

    that would be like harboring a snake

  27. Editor says:

    Yeah, we’re all in on it. The great white conspiracy. Fuck off.

  28. nomad says:

    liberal racists do not understand that not being subjected to this is a white privilege
    It Feels Like Being on Death Row
    After hearing about the two Sacramento police officers who tragically shot and killed 22-year-old unarmed Black male Stephon Clark because they thought that he had a gun when in fact he had a cell phone, I was seized yet again by that profoundly uncomfortable feeling of trying to make sense of what it means to be a Black male in contemporary white America, an America that has always spelled out in unambiguous and brutal terms that Black bodies are disposable, especially when compared to white bodies, white life. There was that profound sense of grieving yet again for a Black body killed by the state or proxies of the state. More

  29. Editor says:

    Yeah, cops never murder white people…

    Your bullshit fictional construct moves the problem away from cops murdering citizens to a false argument that race is the only issue.

  30. nomad says:

    not what i said, racist

  31. Editor says:

    That was your last post here, “Nomad.” You are the most racist person who has ever showed up here. Every one of your rants is about demonizing the white race. None of mine concern the black race as a whole, ever.

    When a perpetrator is black I don’t ever attempt to smear all black people.

    When the perpetrator is white, you consistently attempt to libel all white people.

    You are as racist as they come, and there’s no talking to you. You can rant irrationally elsewhere.

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