Project Censored 2018

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Censored 2018: Press Truths in a “Post-Truth” World 

Censored 2018 features contributions by Edward S. Herman, assessing the relevance of the Herman-Chomsky “propaganda model” on its thirtieth anniversary; Ralph Nader, on citizen action and mass media censorship; Rachael Jolley, editor of the Index on Censorship; and Gennie Gebhart of the Electronic Frontier Foundation; as well as chapters on the new American authoritarianism, by Nolan Higdonand Nicholas L. Baham III; on defamation law and free speech, by Elizabeth Blakey; and an original comic by Adam Bessie and Peter Glanting on “Trump Universe.” Plus, the Top 25 Censored news stories of 2016-2017, a rundown on the Junk Food News and News Abuse that diverted public attention from real and vital reporting, and a foreword by Deepa Kumar, author of Islamophobia and the Politics of Empire, and recipient of the 2016 Dallas Smythe Award.

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