Alex Jones’ Response to Vegas Machine Gun Massacre

Posted: October 14, 2017 in -
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Exactly the sort of seething, simmering psychopath we need to disarm. And/or lock up. America is descending into anarchy and right-wing authoritarianism. Deceivers like Jones are trying to build a bloodthirsty army of extremists. This is America’s real number one threat.

  1. sahhobbs says:

    Please examine uses of “anarchy”, and please, please, do not to confuse it for “chaos”. Glib usage objectifies bias.and stereotype while foreclosing on curiosity. Thank you.

    Personal opinion, Alex is a plant, attracting patsies, true believers and other pliant plebs.

  2. Editor says:

    I have “examined use of anarchy” quite a bit more than anyone you know. There is firearm anarchy here right now. It’s a problem.

  3. Schlüter says:

    On Jones & al:
    “Psychological Operations: say the truth in a way that it will be rejected!”

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