JFK’s Throat Wound

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Has the answer been in plain sight for 54 years?

Oswald must have had another very magical bullet that stopped in the air, did a 180-degree turn, and then shot Kennedy dead center in his throat.

This month my “JFK Head Wound Forensics” article has been off the charts. Several of the original attending doctors talk about the throat wound. The bullet entered, but its path is unclear. It may have hit the spine and ricocheted straight up and out the top of his skull.

It appears he was hit by multiple projectiles almost simultaneously.




NOVEMBER 22, 1963

2:16 P.M. CST



Doctor, describe the entrance wound. You think from the front in the throat?

DR. MALCOM PERRY- The wound appeared to be an entrance wound in the front of the throat; yes, that is correct.”


  1. Mac McNeil says:

    President Kennedy was shot from the front. We duplicated the Zapruder images (showing impact and explosion out the rear, scattering pieces of brain and skull over the back of the limo.
    If JFK had been shot only from the rear in the head, his head would have gone FORWARD, not back, and Gov Connally would have been covered in his blood.
    Our belief is at least THREE shooters, none of whom were Oswald after his first (missed) shot.

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