Better Watch Out – My Review

Posted: January 18, 2018 in Joe Giambrone

J. Giambrone


It’s been a while without a review, but this one has complications. The non-spoiled version is: this is a fucked-up movie.

betterwatchout3-1600x900-c-default.jpgSpoilers May Follow

A twist near the beginning sort of renders the film unable to be discussed. Who’s the bad guy? Well, I’ll save that for a little further down the page.

The movie is well-shot technically, and it plays on the nostalgia of upper-middle-class white America. It’s a Christmas movie, but when these kids are left Home Alone some twisted shit transpires.


Fresh faces from Australia, all the main characters are Aussies, with the newcomer Olivia DeJonge (obviously) standing out as a breathtaking stunner. Levi Miller has also got potential, and for his age delivers some bone-chilling psychopathy.


The film has plausibility going for it. It ditches the veneer for hard core violent realism. That is enough to give it a watch, but there’s more. It may be…

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