Corporate-State Censorship Works (AI Edition)

Posted: January 23, 2018 in Joe Giambrone
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Article is from Truthdig, which I’ve had some problems with over their 9/11 denialism. The 9/11 attacks led to this whole fiasco, but here you go…

Thought Police for the 21st Century

In late April and early May the World Socialist Web Site, which identifies itself as a Trotskyite group that focuses on the crimes of capitalism, the plight of the working class and imperialism, began to see a steep decline in readership. The decline persisted into June. Search traffic to the World Socialist Web Site has been reduced by 75 percent overall. And the site is not alone. AlterNet’s search traffic is down 71 percent, Consortium News is down 72 percent, Global Research and Truthdig have seen declines. And the situation appears to be growing worse.

The reductions coincided with the introduction of algorithms imposed by Google to fight “fake news.” Google said the algorithms are designed to elevate “more authoritative content” and marginalize “blatantly misleading, low quality, offensive or downright false information.” It soon became apparent, however, that in the name of combating “fake news,” Google, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are censoring left-wing, progressive and anti-war sites. The 150 most popular search terms that brought readers to the World Socialist Web Site, including “socialism,” “Russian Revolution” and “inequality,” today elicit little or no traffic.

Remember: The foundation-funded “left” also censors content, such as legitimate facts about the 9/11 attacks and the Treason at the heart of it. It’s kind of difficult to be sympathetic to Truthdig’s readership problems when they have been censoring 9/11 activists such as myself since the beginning. Further, they are too cowardly to debate their ignorant positions. That’s why this blog exists, btw.

  1. We directly challenged Truthdig to interview Peter Michael Ketchum, the former NIST mathematician who joined AE911Truth, in the comments section on YouTube where Chris Hedges gave a talk which received 100s of thousands of views.

    Shortly afterward, Truthdig posted a short interview of John Kiriakou on their YouTube platform, where Kiriakou repeated the official “hijackers flew planes into the Twin Towers” narrative, although he mentioned, in passing – and without further exploration becoming pushed by Truthdig’s female interviewer, more or less (we paraphrase) that Building 7 was “kinda’ weird” or otherwise admitting Building 7 needs investigation.

    We commented on a Kiriakou writing at Information Clearing House that “A 9/11 debate between John Kiriakou (terrorist hijackers destroyed the Twin Towers) and David Ray Griffin (Twin Towers were destroyed by controlled demolition) would be one for the ages”.

    We shared our suspicions regarding Kiriakou and 9/11 at Truth and Shadows on WordPress, suggesting Kiriakou needed to become “pushed hard on his 9/11 government-narrative support of the terrorist hijackers theory, yet Kiriakou (as far as we are aware) has never been challenged. One would suppose such a state of affairs shouldn’t be surprising given the obvious false flag deception has persisted more than 16 years.

  2. Edit: “pushed hard”

  3. I share your concerns about Truthdig and their denial of 9-11 Truth.

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