The Expanse, Season Two – My Review

Posted: February 23, 2018 in Joe Giambrone

J. Giambrone



I did not review S1 because it annoyed me. It was nothing so much as generic “noir in space,” an aesthetic we’ve seen far too much of. Star Trek, Twilight Zone, old 1950s genre films, Alien, Blade Runner, Outland, Lifepod, et cetera. Nostalgia for the 1940s is not a valid catch-all/be-all for science fiction. Season One of The Expanse didn’t seem to be trying hard enough to establish something original, and yet I kept watching.

I appreciated that Blade Runner 2049 went above and beyond and may be the best film of 2017. It ditched the expected looks and fashions to push things forward a generation. The only 2017 films that compete are Get Out, which just isn’t in the same league when all is said and done, and Dunkirk. Dunkirk delivers greatness, but Blade Runner 2049 edges it out with depth of experience, the thoughts it…

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