FBI Agent: Pressure to Protect Saudis / 9/11

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FBI Told Former Agent Not to Help 9/11 Victims Build Case Against Saudi Arabia

Author of 9/11’s famed “Phoenix Memo” was told White House’s pursuit of warm relations with kingdom comes first

Former Senate intelligence chair Bob Graham calls FBI’s action “a fundamental assault on the principle of democracy”


People like that agent are obtuse and willfully blind that it’s not just the Saudis, it’s the USA that is the Godfather to them. Pointing at the Saudis is nonsensical given the Treasonous protection of same by US high officials. The problem is much closer to home.

28 Pages of Treason

  1. Schlüter says:

    Just another smoke Screen to cover up the blatant Inside Job of the US Neocon Power Elite!
    „US Neocon Power Elite: Lines of Defense around the Inside Job Nine Eleven“: https://wipokuli.wordpress.com/2016/09/29/us-neocon-power-elite-lines-of-defense-around-the-inside-job-nine-eleven/
    „USA and Israel, the Helpless Giant and his Mad Dog: are there more dirty secrets?“ http://wipokuli.wordpress.com/2014/08/12/usa-and-israel-the-helpless-giant-and-his-mad-dog-are-there-more-dirty-secrets/

  2. Editor says:

    No. It’s another piece of the complex puzzle. You have to separate the often ignorant opinions of these insiders from the facts they reveal.

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