N.E.D. Lies and Regime Change

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ALTERNET ignores the responsibility of Obama and Clinton with its expose. It is not an independent source, relying on foundation money to produce propaganda. Their intent is to blame as much as possible on Republicans and to gloss over the Democrat responsibility.


  1. Hey Joe,
    People might get the mistaken notion that Max Blumenthal’s excellent report was associated with or made with the backing of Alternet. More narrative clarification seems needed to avoid sending mixed messages.

  2. Editor says:

    “Read the print journalism of Max Blumenthal and Ben Norton at AlterNet’s Grayzone Project.”


  3. Joe,

    Our understanding is that Blumenthal was associated with Alternet, but that he left the group a while back due to editorial policy differences. Max Blumenthal got in the face of major Zionist attorney Irwin Cotler, author of global Magnitsky Act legislation and close ally of fraud Bill Browder, and for that he deserves great credit. Is that not an accurate version of events?

    Please clarify what point you’re trying to make here. Thank you.

  4. Editor says:

    Why do I have to “clarify” something you’ve provided no source for?

    The “Grayzone Project” is Alternet’s project. I see nothing to dispute that.

    The point I made is about the current article, and the lack of calling Obama or Clinton to account for their parts in NED regime change projects. That’s all on Max Blumenthal. He’s still reporting as if Obama is untouchable. The end.

  5. Here’s from Information Clearing House article by Blumenthal, which seems “bi-partisan” in its criticism of NED. He also confronts Nancy Pelosi in the video.


    Bipartisan support

    During the NED ceremony, Democratic House minority leader Nancy Pelosi recalled a trip she took to Pyongyang, the North Korean capital. “When we saw the people in Pyonyang — the blank faces, the brainwashing that went on — the poverty of spirit I saw exceeded the poverty [of] any place in the world.”

    Pelosi then claimed that locals were executed on the spot for unauthorized corn consumption. “They would get shot if they just took one corn on the cob, one husk of corn,” she claimed.

    Pelosi was among a bipartisan cast of lawmakers on hand to pay homage to the NED. They included Republican representatives like Ed Royce and Pete Roskamp, as well as Democrats like Rep. Julian Castro and Stephanie Murphy.

    Though the NED was hailed by Congress as a politically benign entity advancing democracy and human rights, its record tells a different story.


    We could see how his being the son of former Obama/Clinton official Sidney Blumenthal could result in his easing off on Obama and Clinton, so we understand where you’re coming from. The extent to which he’s biased or unbiased in his reporting might only become possible to ascertain by having a long sit-down conversation with the man. At the least, his writings present a narrative opposed to Washington policies.

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