Lindsey Graham’s Priorities #Kavanope

Posted: September 29, 2018 in -
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  1. Title of TODAY (YouTube post) – September 27, 2018: “2 Men Claim They, Not Brett Kavanaugh, Had Encounter With Christine Blasey Ford”. Who are these men, where are they, do their narratives line up with Dr. Ford’s details of the event, and why has this story seemingly disappeared – like a deleted Twitter posting an hour after publication? How did the revelation manage to NOT be brought up during Ford and Kavanaugh’s testimonies and questioning? One assumes the F.B.I. will have their investigators talk to these (2) men.

    Can anyone provide more details on what developments have occurred on this aspect of the Ford-Kavanaugh story since the Judiciary Committee revealed these (2) men, who apparently have provided a genuine alibi for Mr. Kavanaugh? It seems rather strange the revelation hasn’t received far more attention, especially given the profound interest in the Ford-Kavanaugh testimonies across the United States … Around the Earth, actually. Thank you.

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