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The Day Democracy Died #Banksy

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There is NO legitimate “medical” use for these animal products. None. It’s fantasy. Placebo. Gibberish.


China Just Legalized Rhino Horn And Tiger Bone For Medical Use, Reversing 25-Year Ban



Nazi ornaments and KKK robes at Kentucky gun show



History and reality are now banned at Facebook. My account is in lockdown for telling people what the Nazis did and how the ideas are relevant to today’s political climate.

Reality is against their “Community Standards.” Ponder that. It’s a community of morons for the most part, and their future looks even more ignorant and blinkered.




The evidence that Israel deliberately targeted hospitals and ambulances



And the gun nut lobby claims more guns are the answer. The only sane solution may be expatriation from this lunatic asylum.


There have been 47,220 gun incidents in the U.S. in 2018