9/11 & Israel #censorednews

Posted: November 23, 2018 in -
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He makes a pretty well-researched case, but it has a few holes in it. His obsession with one specific group blinds him to the interests and actions of other co-conspirators. He spends zero time on the actions of Saudis, Pakistanis and the CIA. Everything is pinned on Zionists, which isn’t realistic. You’ll have to assess the evidence yourself. There is more than an hour’s worth.


  1. Schlüter says:

    On Bollyn and Nine Eleven see:
    “Nine Eleven and the Neocons: Finally Doing the Trick?”

  2. In early Aptil 2018, – over 7 months ago – the Lawyers Committee for 9/11 Inquiry filed their lawful petition w/mountains of evidence asking for a Grand Jury in New York’s Southern District federal court. After more than 7 months and numerous requests for movement and/or status reports with no logical responding resolution, it seems clear the federal attorneys are stonewalling – to the max.

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