Sorry to Bother You – My Review

Posted: January 31, 2019 in -

J. Giambrone


Eschewing subtlety, like the film, let’s get into it. This appeared to be a kind of comedic Wolf of Black Street, and it is. But, I wasn’t entirely convinced that the people behind this film actually believed their own anti-capitalist messages. Without faith in the storytellers, it’s an uphill watch.

The narrative features an odd conflation of whiteness with capitalist oppression. Fine and well, except that’s just not reality. White people are screwed by the system too, and people of color can thrive in it if they abandon morality like their caucasian capitalist brethren.


It’s a raw film that’s mired in racial revolutionary rhetoric as well as anti-capitalist notions of modern slavery and immoral weapons sales to whomever will buy.


The key to it all is the white voice–literally–the black actors’ voices are overdubbed with comedians David Cross and Patton Oswalt. They, in the end, purport to…

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