Suspiria 2018 – My Review

Posted: February 27, 2019 in -

J. Giambrone


I was never a great fan of Argento or the original, but I think watching this version–which is supposedly based on the original first draft–I have more of an appreciation now. The first one suffers from in-your-face 70s style choices, the music, the sound effects, the gaudy colors; that all adds up to something a bit corny.

The corniness has been removed this time around, and instead there are disturbing dance numbers, unnatural movements, summoning the evil in twisted, visual ways.


I didn’t even recognize Dakota Johnson with long red hair. She surprised. The cast was good, but, unexpectedly, there’s less characterization here than in the first one. We don’t find out much about the school, its founders, or their stories. Despite that, it does bog down with some flashes over to Johnson’s American Amish family. It could have been shorter, and it could have given more, but the ending…

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