The Late Night Political “Comedy” Wasteland

Posted: April 16, 2019 in -
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Life’s way too short to tolerate those losers. You want to know something, you look it up yourself instead of relying on clowns to distill it for you, spun to appease their corporate bosses.

  1. It would actually be quite an improvement on reality if the situation was “only as bad” as the writer points out – however, it appears to be considerably worse. We have these late-night millionaire sleeze balls shilling for regime-change wars, mocking and towing the party line on the persecution of Assange, and trolling Russiagate like they are on Rachel Maddow’s payroll. No, this isn’t about laziness or low lying fruit, this is about clearly serving a propaganda function within the American system.

    The “hip” and “liberal” late-night comedian you love jokes about Maduro being a dictator, or about Assad being so evil he can’t sleep unless he’s gassing children, or he belittles Assange’s appearance as he’s being arrested after essentially serving years in solitary confinement as a form of torture – the audience can laugh, join in the “fun” and think of themselves as “hip” and “liberal” – or they can become instantly outsiders, “unfriended,” simply by thinking for themselves and thus not falling prey to essentially the same CIA driven foreign policy narrative they’ll encounter anywhere and everywhere in MSM “news” reporting 24/7. TV like Hollywood is now simply part and parcel to the propaganda apparatus. The late night millionaire comedians serve a purpose, and they are well paid to be just the propagandists they are. This is capitalism – where even the “truth” and “reality” are simply commodities to be bought and paid for and manipulated only by those who can afford it. There of course is nothing funny about any of this.

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