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Draft Resistance & the Vietnam War




Good research summarizes the debacle of 2016.

How The Democratic Party Stole The Primary From Sanders In 2016-Then Tried To Cover Up Their Crime



Even the Washington Post (which I do not generally trust) is starting to shit itself in the face of blatant fascism.


The First Amendment is meaningless if it only protects people the government recognizes as journalists





Times casually ignores a little fact that there IS no Iranian nuclear weapons program. At all. This is war propaganda.

New York Times Supports False Trump Claims About An “Iranian Nuclear Weapons Program” That Does Not Exist





5 pilots tell same story.

“we don’t know who’s doing this, we don’t have enough data to track this.


“These things would be out there all day,” said Lt. Ryan Graves, an F/A-18 Super Hornet pilot who has been with the Navy for 10 years, and who reported his sightings to the Pentagon and Congress. “Keeping an aircraft in the air requires a significant amount of energy. With the speeds we observed, 12 hours in the air is 11 hours longer than we’d expect.”

Article does provide one earthly explanation:

““there are so many other possibilities — bugs in the code for the imaging and display systems,”


I wouldn’t call a coordinated hoax against military personnel a “bug,” but something far more deliberate and sophisticated.


The pilots began noticing the objects after their 1980s-era radar was upgraded to a more advanced system.


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Trump Administration Hands Over Venezuelan Diplomatic Facilities to Unelected, Failed Coup Makers Guaido Faction

J. Giambrone


One of the most towering literary figures in American history, Gore Vidal was the real deal.

Long before the great American novel devolved into a werewolf vs. zombie series, novelists held great powers of observation and insights into their societies. The demise of these intellectual leaders prompts the inevitable fall of this empire of brainwashed fools.

Writers unfamiliar with Vidal should definitely watch this film. His irascible truth-telling influenced millions. He never shied away from controversy, nor from honestly assessing the country as a bloodthirsty empire ruled by the rich, of, by, and for.

Every utterance of Vidal’s was like a performance piece. He didn’t converse so much as proclaim. A child of politics, the Second World War opened his eyes to the mercenary nature of US foreign policy, even those alleged “good” wars.

Always close to power and fame, his is a mind-blowing tale of America’s transformation into the…

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As US seeks to crush media freedom, we all need to read Assange’s letter from prison

The US government, or rather, those regrettable elements in it that hate truth,  liberty and justice, want to cheat their way into my extradition and death, rather than letting the public hear the truth, for which I have won the highest awards in journalism and have been nominated 7 times for the Nobel Peace Prize. Truth, ultimately, is all we have.