IGS/UC Berkeley Rigged Poll Omitted Rep. Tulsi Gabbard From Choices

Posted: June 29, 2019 in Joe Giambrone
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Only anti-war candidate Representative Tulsi Gabbard is omitted from this poll, a poll run by a publicly financed major university in California!

I’m not having it.

Sent: Saturday, June 29, 2019 1:29 PM
To: igs@berkeley.edu; mdicamillo@berkeley.edu; deanofstudents@berkeley.edu; chesse@berkeley.edu; auffhammer@berkeley.edu; lspd_appt@berkeley.edu; Randi.shussett@berkeley.edu; svogel@socrates.berkeley.edu; publicaffairs@calstate.edu; webservices@calstate.edu; tips@sacbee.com; tbyrne@sfchronicle.com; tips@latimes.com

Subject: Your June 13 Poll is FAKE NEWS, deliberately omits Congresswoman Gabbard from choices

UC Berkeley (a publicly funded university):

This is unacceptable and damages the integrity and reputation of your organization. I will be contacting others and writing about this absurdity of censoring out a sitting US Congresswoman with a clear suggestion to remove and fire whomever is responsible for rigging Berkeley’s political polls. You no longer can be trusted. What’s that worth to you?



Fake polls that deliberately omit choices from respondents produce fake news: biased, nonsense results.

I am not interested in excuses, only in action to remedy the problems clearly evident in your department.

Joe Giambrone
CSU Graduate


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