Response to a Deluded Neoliberal Democrat

Posted: August 22, 2019 in -, Joe Giambrone
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Morality, justice, and International Law are reduced to “That sucks” in the minds of these perpetual collaborators.



The Democrats pretend that they are not responsible for anything, ever, and so just point the finger elsewhere. Despicable.



Nazis tried and executed for Crimes Against the Peace, among other atrocities.

  1. In a very interesting inversion of reality it is precisely these sort of “Democrats” (those who shrug off their endless support the mass slaughter of innocents with a simple – “that sucks,”) who are now very much concerned with the threat of – “fascism” in America – as if they are completely oblivious to, and ignorant of, post-WWII American history.

    One is left speechless by such amoral idiocy! But hey, as Bruce says, “nice try” Joe, in attempting to bring actual critical though and morality into the equation – Bruce clearly indicating it’s time for him to retreat into the safer terrain of fantasy and narcissism.

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