Joker – My Review

Posted: October 10, 2019 in -

J. Giambrone

Brutal character produced by a brutal society.

The buzz is strong for Joaquin Phoenix’ Joker, and for good reason. It’s a harsh art film and what it does is make Gotham a character, the antagonist. It’s Arthur Fleck vs. Gotham, and by the end maybe Gotham deserves to lose. Gotham is the mismanagement, the government, the media, the public: they’re hostile to the individual, especially one who tries too hard to be happy.


I certainly have no desire to return to New York City after watching Joker. Not even for a plane stopover. The environment is so grating and oppressive there’s just no relief. They kept the film in this stifling space for the entire duration. That’s fine for artistic intent, but it kind of wears you down after awhile.

It’s a film to watch and to appreciate, but not to love. When you love a movie you…

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