Prof. Stephen Cohen, Ukraine and Reality

Posted: November 14, 2019 in -
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  1. dghealy says:

    in ’94 we signed a treaty . if Ukraine and a few other former Sov Satellite Countries gave up Nucs we PROMISED to defend them in the event of an attack by Russia. Russia did attack Ukraine trying to take it over. And we did support Ukraine. in 2014(?) we gave them socks and blankets. In 2019 we gave them military aid.

  2. Editor says:

    Except: BULLSHIT.

    US proxy terrorists overthrew Ukraine’s democracy. The country split in half with the eastern provinces seceding by referendum from the fascist coup junta. Crimea and Donetsk seceded from the illegitimate neonazi regime that Washington and Nato helped install.

    Russia responded, minimally, by supporting the separatists. Russia could have rolled into Kiev with tank divisions.

    Your propaganda don’t fly here, son.

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