Black Mirror – Bandersnatch

Posted: April 5, 2020 in -

J. Giambrone


I finally got to this at Netflix (I don’t have streaming). It is unlike any other show for the reason that it’s designed to be a multi-threaded story, and it’s about a multi-threaded video game. The multiple realities overlap and crisscross, and it frankly starts to make not a lot of sense by the end.

If anything can happen, then nothing matters. That’s the ultimate constraint for going out on a limb.

Bandersnatch goes out on a dozen limbs. The complexity is a factor, but it’s also in danger of becoming repetitive. The story lines keep backtracking to what we’ve already seen. This is a problem stemming from different media constraints: in a game, we can pursue one thread and skip the others; in a film we have to sit through all the threads, and we don’t actually get to choose. Even as the show pretends to place choices on…

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