1917 – Review

Posted: May 15, 2020 in -

J. Giambrone


Holy shit.

Few movies can accurately be described as an “achievement.” I had a chance to see this in the theater but didn’t. My bad.

If I’d known Roger Deakins was involved I would have been there. He’s simply the best in the world, pure cinematic genius.

Turns out I have my own parallel with this project. The Scousers is my family’s World War Two story collection. While 1917 is Sam Mendes’ World War One story collection. There’s a deep feeling when recounting history, personal history passed down from your own family members. The stories are undeniably true (in my case) and powerfully gripping (in Mendes’ fictionalization).

220556356_Film Stills_Film 1917

The film has enough twists and turns to keep it thrilling, tries to avoid cliches, and the single-take aesthetic is like a dream. That is where the film shines. When there is no (visible) cutting, it’s like being there. It’s hard to look…

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