Bombshell – Review

Posted: June 14, 2020 in -

J. Giambrone


I didn’t expect to like this film, and it turns out I don’t. By humanizing the sneering propagandists of FoxNews,” the film commits sins that far exceed the tepid scandal it presents. Roger Ailes’ penis is small potatoes when compared to the innumerable crimes of the American empire cheered on by Fox mouthpieces every day of the week: wars, bombings, invasions, covert operations, racism, xenophobia, not to mention all the malignant right-wing domestic policies that damage Americans’ lives. Those people champion a plutocratic ideology where the rich should plunder, dominate, and harm the rest of us because they are somehow superior, and this class war insanity is dressed up as a formal ideology, which their viewers have to accept in full like a catechism.

The best possible outcome for Fox is if a sinkhole opened up beneath the building and flushed the entire enterprise straight to Hades…

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