Zombieland 2 – Review

Posted: July 7, 2020 in -

J. Giambrone


I knew for a certainty that I was going to hate this. I loathed the first one. But, I was prodded into watching it because I’m possibly going to write/direct a zom-com, and the Zombieland franchise is the top zom-com happening at the moment. So, it was literally peer-pressure that foisted this on me.

For starters, one of the last people I want to watch is Jesse Eisenberg, and his tedious voice overs stretch through most of the movies. It’s torturous. Even Woody Harrelson, who at least made an effort previously, can barely be said to be acting at all this time around.

Hollywood revels in stupidity, and it will drown its audience in cringe-worthy mindlessness and then pat itself on the back for such genius. It’s insulting. Pain even through the opening credit sequence, and the affronts don’t end there.

Now, I don’t think these are bad people. They’re not…

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