Brave New World – Review

Posted: August 24, 2020 in Joe Giambrone
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I honestly could not remember anything about the book’s plot, and I wasn’t sure how closely the TV series came to it. The book was unmemorable, except for the background about conditioning different castes using scientific engineering. I had to read it over at Wikipedia to determine that they did diverge quite a bit. I’m sure I like the show better.


The good news is orgies and ultra-violence.  It’s a Brit production, so adults were in the room. The drama is solid, a love triangle, revolution, systemic oppression, future technology. All in all, my kind of show.

Brave New World - Piilot

Now, nothing is perfect, and I’m exceptionally jaded, but this one is worth a watch. We need revolution in the air these days, and conveying it through a completely alien society is even better than contemporary disenchantment. There’s a safe distance, while viewers decide which side they’re on.

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