Fraudulent US Claims of “Genocide” Against China

Posted: February 19, 2021 in -
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Zenz’s figures shows an increase in Uyghur population from 10.1 million to 11.8 million during the 2010 and 2018, while Chinese government figures demonstrate an even larger increase from 10.1 to 12.7 million. That means the Uyghur population in Xinjiang grew by a staggering 25.04 percent.

… Uyghur families, however, were exempted from the one child policy. Urban Uyghur couples were allowed to have two children, and rural Uyghur couples three.

US State Department accusation of China ‘genocide’ relied on data abuse and baseless claims by far-right ideologue


State Department Lawyers Concluded Insufficient Evidence to Prove Genocide in China
  1. > cites CCP
    > expects people to take it at face value instead of propaganda.

    Not enough to be a genocide denialist, but an exceptionally incompetent one at that. Shame.

  2. Editor says:

    “Genocide denialist” vs. conspiracy theorist. You have to prove your conspiracy theory, not just claim everyone who disagrees is a “denialist.”

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