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MY Favorite End of the World Movies

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J. Giambrone

Just in time…

Okay, the urge was to just post 3 and end it there.

Is that fair?

So many more to mention, but…


Tiny drama about two people caught in the end times, and trapped, stuck, with nothing but each other.


This is probably the best pure apocalypse story ever made.

ARRIVAL (2016)

This movie has a mind-blowing storytelling achievement and becomes unforgettable.

Watch em quick, before life imitates art.


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Could this be the last post ever?

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I almost forgot how to use the WordPress post controls after 20 years of doing it. That’s how rattled I am tonight.

This could be it, friends. Erased from the world, another stupid species that probably didn’t deserve its elevated place over so many nobler creatures.

I saw a rumor of hope–that even NATO wouldn’t die for Zelensky–a few minutes ago, and Ukraine was denied.

The USA, however, is the main gangster in the room.

If we don’t make it…

my readers, I tried to do my best for you guys and gals over these years, for ——$10!

I got a $10 donation one time, from a gracious chap. The truth is not expensive. It’s the lies that cost us all so dearly.

Adieu, brave souls who had to say something. We’re not like … them.

Joe Giambrone

Publisher of Political Film Blog


update 10/2:

The Smoking Pipeline Gun?

Flightradar24 showed an unidentified aircraft that did not even have a helicopter icon hovering over the site. However, the aircraft’s 24-bit ICAO code included in the description makes it possible to establish the model, which is the US military’s Sikorsky MH-60R Seahawk.


Look what Max Blumenthal just found, from 2015 (7 years ago they could do this, and DID.)

Armed mine disposal vehicle found near [RUSSIAN] gas pipeline in the Baltic Sea

Note the word “Armed.”

 findings suggest that the vehicle is armed with an explosive charge used to dispose of naval mines

The empire really hates those kids who did their homework.

Location, location, location…

Experimentation was conducted off the coast of Bornholm, Denmark, with participants from Naval Information Warfare Center Pacific, Naval Undersea Warfare Center Newport, and Mine Warfare Readiness and Effectiveness Measuring all under the direction of U.S. 6th Fleet Task Force 68. 

June, 2022:

BALTOPS 22: A Perfect Opportunity

Lt. j.g. Chris Bianchi, assigned to Explosive Ordnance Disposal Mobile Unit (EODMU) 8, prepares mock explosives for a pierside training event during exercise BALTOPS 22, June 10. 

Germany Suspects Sabotage Hit Russia’s Nord Stream Pipelines

US military aircraft circled Nord Stream incident site in September


2015 Story:

Explosive-Laden Drone Found Near Nord Stream Pipeline


The people on TV selling this regime change…

It’s all a media storm to influence ignorant Westerners and to try and drum up a new regime change offensive inside Iran.

The Israel Files: Wikileaks Docs Show Top Hollywood Producers Working with Israel to Defend its War Crimes


The Israel Files: Wikileaks Docs Show Top Hollywood Producers Working with Israel to Defend its War Crimes

“We must make sure that never happens again”, insisted producer Ron Rotholz. Rotholz, however, was not referring to the death and destruction Israel imposed on Gaza, but to the fact that many of the entertainment world’s biggest stars, including celebrity power couple, Penélope Cruz and Javier Bardem, had condemned Israel’s actions, labeling them tantamount to “genocide.”

See also:

Propaganda in the Cinema (101)

Who is Ray Epps?

“You know that Doomsday Clock? You gotta move it to one second before midnight.”

Scott Ritter
Azov Delegation Visits the US

 promised to “dispel the Russian agitprop that the Azov regiment is nazi.”

What the CIA’s Nazi friends do

Covert Action Quarterly:

Ukrainian “Hit List” Publishes Names and Addresses of Alleged “Russian Propagandists:” Turns Out To Be Based Not in Ukraine But in Langley VA