Zelensky Declared War on Russia in 2021

Posted: September 13, 2022 in -
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“1. To approve the draft Strategy of deoccupation and reintegration of the temporarily occupied territory of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol.”


Crimea is Russia. The people there decided that 96%+ over 8 years ago. The end (of Zelensky and his Nazi freak army).


–Joe Biden, Antony Blinken, Hillary Clinton, Lloyd Austin, et al.
  1. grammyl says:

    If it were “unprovoked” they wouldn’t have to keep repeating “unprovoked” every time someone in the government speaks. I am so sick of this government. The corruption and they think we don’t know it’s just a money laundering scheme. What a joke. Done.

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