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DVD: District 9 (Two-Disc Edition) Blu-ray: District 9 See also: District 9 (2009) District 9 (2009) – Sci Fi Action With Brains and Soul District 9 (2009) – Science Fiction of the Now District 9 & Sci-Fi Politics Binoy Kampmark A sci-fi B-Film that punches above its weight. So argued Anthony Quinn of The Independent […]

District 9 is an Ugly Marvel Science Fiction of the Now By KIM NICOLINI District 9 is not a pretty movie. It doesn’t look pretty. Its message isn’t pretty. It hurts the eyes to watch. In fact, District 9 is an outright ugly movie, but it is an ugly that is perfectly crafted and takes […]

District 9 – Sci Fi Action with brains and soul. by Bill Martell Sex in a Submarine / Script Secrets It’s a foreign film, so it’s cultural. So, here we are at the end of summer… and not a great summer. Though there have been some gems like HURT LOCKER and HANGOVER, most of the […]

Outstanding sci-fi film, go see it (in theaters now). The best sci-fi has something to say and uses elaborate worlds to say it. District 9 excels because it has something to say, and the story is solid.

Look carefully at the data.   This is from the world-famous British medical journal, The Lancet: Clinical features of patients infected with 2019 novel coronavirus in Wuhan, China   The first patient had no connection to the wild animal market that the media is selling as the source of the virus. This was 9 days […]

  There were so many decent ones over at Crackle that I had to divide the post into two parts. Next time we head over to PopcornFlix. District 9 Possibly the best movie that year, it works because it’s about more than it appears to be on the surface. Postcards From the Edge Carrie Fisher’s semi-autobiographical dark comedy […]

  by William Blum   The mind of the mass media: Email exchange between myself and a leading Washington Post foreign policy reporter: July 18, 2018 Dear Mr. Birnbaum, You write Trump “made no mention of Russia’s adventures in Ukraine”. Well, neither he nor Putin nor you made any mention of America’s adventures in the […]

Trial looms as judge denies FBI request to keep 9/11 records secret Miami federal judge has rejected FBI assertions that many records should be kept secret due to privacy considerations. At the same time, U.S. District Court Judge Cecilia Altonaga granted summary judgment in the FBI’s favor regarding more than 1,000 pages of classified records […]

  [There is, of course, a dishonest anti-conspiracy meme floating around the Internet.  People are encouraged to mock and ridicule people who want the truth about the 9/11 attacks (like Miami Herald reporters?).  But this simian-level chorus of pseudo-intellectual mockery comes from pure ignorance, a profound and disturbing ignorance that is difficult to stomach when […]

Hollywood’s Enduring Myth of the Black Male Sexual Predator The Selling of “Precious” By ISHMAEL REED “A niche market could be defined as a component that gives your business power. A niche market allows you to define whom you are marketing to. When you know who are you are marketing to it’s easy to determine […]

PFB: Top Movies of the Millennium

Posted: August 24, 2016 in -, Joe Giambrone

BBC put out their list, and it includes some real pretentious miscues. I’m realizing how little I agree with all you people… and yet sometimes… Amélie (2001) Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004) Spirited Away (2001) The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (2002) WALL·E (2008) District 9 (2009) Requiem for a Dream […]

Chappie (2015)

Posted: March 19, 2015 in Kim Nicolini
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Life and Machines at the Bottom of the Pit by KIM NICOLINI Okay, I am ready to put myself on the line and be one of the few people who have dared to give Neil Blomkamp’s Chappie (2015) a favorable review. Quite frankly, I loved the movie, and I really feel no need to apologize […]