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Facebook Bans Redfish For Commemorating Nazi Defeat Is Facebook run by closet Nazis? The same sort of thing has happened to me personally TWICE. If FB can’t tell the pro-Nazis from the anti-Nazis, they need to be taught a hard fucking lesson fast.

I didn’t sign up to be the modern Kafka. I just wanted to make sure people understood what fascism is, since it’s resurgent and spreading everywhere you look. The dystopian corporate control of society continues at rapid pace. So many willingly cede their freedom to unelected, unaccountable profiteers without a second thought. You do enough […]

PPS — UPDATE 2! Facebook has reversed its reversal, and now attacked me about 10 times for the same post made a year ago. The post is simply the guy who invented fascism giving the definition of fascism (Mussolini). Apparently Facebook is a blatantly fascist enterprise and it doesn’t want you to know what it’s […]

JIMMY DORE has covered the Dem scandalas, but he’s dropping the ball on Trump’s outrageous fascism. They are all scum, but Trump is now claiming to order murders of American citizens… Trump Celebrates Apparent Extrajudicial Killing by U.S. Marshals Carrying Out His Orders

  Facebook is run by dumb monkeys. They appear to be censoring people who criticize Trump over his disastrous Coronavirus scam. Even the LA Times is now against their medical standards of journalism in Fuckerberg Land. LA Times: A plasma shot could prevent coronavirus. But feds and makers won’t act, scientists say      

Name a Joe Biden policy: “I’m drawing a blank.”   Talking to citizens about Joe Biden is now being classified as “Spam” even though it’s clearly not. Reports that MINTPRESS, POLITICO, THE INTERCEPT, CONSORTIUM NEWS are all being targeted for censorship and removal from the platform.  

Facebook just hid this article from readers. Why? This is political bias to hide what the monsters in Washington are doing. They call a link to a Politico article “spam,” which is just a ruse, dishonest, bullshit. Mnuchin calls coronavirus pandemic ‘a great investment opportunity’ PS 2nd Facebook Censorship Today: Joe Biden lied, Intercept article […]

THIS video is censored right now on that cancerous website, Facebook. Before Trump assassinated him, Qasem Soleimani led Iran’s fight against ISIS. So why does Western media insist he was a terrorist? — In the NOW (@IntheNow_tweet) January 10, 2020

  “The Big Tech giant said this censorship of users’ free speech will be done in order to comply with Washington’s suffocating sanctions on Iran.” US Pressure to Censor and Block Accounts   Twitter suspended dozens of accounts run by real, live people — not bots — in Venezuela, Iran, and Syria. Those erased from […]

  FACEBOOK continues shadow censorship and interference in US election process. Tulsi Gabbard interviews are now censored: a sitting US Congresswoman and candidate for the Presidency. Bogus claims of “abusive” are allowed to stand by the corporation, arbitrary, false justifications for censoring political speech.   This is an attack on alternative media voices, who ask […]

That is MY latest article, The War on Representative Tulsi Gabbard (D). It cannot be posted to Tulsi Gabbard Facebook groups now. The lie they use to censor speech is to say unnamed, amorphous “people” complained about it with one of the right buzzwords: “abusive.” There wasn’t even time for real “people” to have read […]