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    This should’ve been a huge scandal, but it got zero mainstream media attention: An ex OPCW inspection team leader and engineering expert testified at the UN, and said their research was suppressed because it showed no gas attack took place in Douma, Syria   This should've been a huge scandal, but it got […]

SERENA SHIM: THE LIFE AND UNEXPLAINED DEATH OF A SYRIA WAR REPORTER   She had recently reported for the Iranian-backed Press TV about Turkey’s role in smuggling IS fighters into Syria on World Food Programme trucks. In her final live broadcast, she described how agents from the Turkish National Intelligence Organization (MIT) had been asking […]


  File under: No shit.   OPCW Found “Fixing” its Own Findings on Syria

    ABC News Broadcasts Fake Syria Bombing Video That’s Actually From a Kentucky Military Show in 2017 So, ABC News just threw away its credibility, forever.

    Kurds agree to Russian-brokered plan to allow Assad into their territory   Stupid headline from Telegraph: “allow Assad into their territory.” Hours after the US said it was withdrawing all of its troops from northern Syria, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) said it had reached an agreement to allow Bashar al-Assad’s troops into […]

    Trump is not removing our troops from Syria. He’s just moving them from the northern Syrian border, allowing Turkey to invade Syria and slaughter the Kurds. He lied to the Kurds, promising them our support while simultaneously preventing them from reconciling with the Syrian government and coordinating a common defense against the Turkish invasion. […]

  EXCLUSIVE: ‘Work with us in Syria or get out of the way,’ Erdogan told Trump On Friday, Turkey-backed Syrian rebel groups announced a broad merger and voiced their support for any offensive. It is expected that Turkey will heavily rely on its Syrian rebel allies in the assault. US troops have already begun leaving northeastern Syria. However, […]

  The warmonger propagandists sit at home and concoct lies for more war, while these reporters travel to Syria to report on actual conditions on the ground.  The warmongers are discredited liars and need to go find work in a different field.   ‘We are used to it,’ say journos after Syria coverage called ‘Goebbels […]


  Specific lies in the Al Qaeda/White Helmets propaganda film are debunked.   See: Massive White Helmets = Al Qaeda Photo Cache Why ISIS Exists: The Double Game White Helmets Posts  

  Think about THIS:  Not even Ben Norton, at “Alternet” Grayzone Project–who is reporting these facts–will use the word Treason in his articles. Not him. Not Blumenthal. Not one paid journalist I can name. We live in a mind-controlled bubble of enforced cognitive dissonance. We are supposedly “at war” with Al Qaeda since the week […]