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Can I get an impeachment yet?

Zelensky guard appears to wear Nazi insignia And it’s not the first time. PS

“1. To approve the draft Strategy of deoccupation and reintegration of the temporarily occupied territory of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol.” DECREE OF THE PRESIDENT OF UKRAINE №117 / 2021 Crimea is Russia. The people there decided that 96%+ over 8 years ago. The end (of Zelensky and his Nazi […]

When Nazi collaborating clowns run a country… Zelensky accuses Russia of shelling own positions at nuclear plant Amazing that Americans are stupid enough to think Russia would shell its own troops who control a nuclear power plant. A story so absurd, the credibility of Kiev must be plummeting by now, right?

Covert Action Quarterly: Ukrainian Regime Led by Media Darling Volodymyr Zelensky Kidnaps Student Dissidents, Bans Opposition Parties, Shuts Down Independent Media, Commits Egregious War Crimes and Imposes Regressive Labor Laws

ZELENSKY, THOUSANDS OF UKRAINIANS DISAPPEARED AND MURDERED UKRAINIAN SBU mass-murdering their own citizens for lack of loyalty to Zelensky’s Reich.

Zelensky frees convicted child rapists, torturers to reinforce depleted military Joe Biden’s good friends. Perhaps the Democrats will make Onishenko the next billionaire. Onishenko is known as a psychopathic sadist who was involved in sexually assaulting children, brutally torturing prisoners, and murder.

You can’t write THIS shit. This appears to be from several years ago. On the oligarch network that promoted him in politics. Funny comedy, right?

Americans are brainwashed and pathetic. Forty billion dollars they are now sending to Nazis. PS. A second official Ukraine government account also Tweeted the SS Panzer insignia: