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Hacked voting machines across the country.


Black Box Voting




Today is the day. I re-joined their party just so I could leave today.





This would kinda speak for itself, except…

Milano is right at the heart of the Military-Indusrial-ENTERTAINMENT Complex, being married to a Creative Artists Agency agent (Dave Bugliari). CAA has organized the Hollywood propaganda offensives of the past few years. They are central to the Democratic Party strnaglehold on politics that excludes independents and third parties. They arrange for celebrity pundits to appear around the media demonizing whomever the Dem establishment wants demonized and shilling for war and corruption. They are the enemies of peace, justice, and humanity.

Additionally, that fraud hack Milano is the person who got Twitter to suspend the Political Film Blog Twitter account permanently. I hope she is laughed out of the media a la Alex Jones.


Doc says this could save your life.

ma-ma-ma-my-corona copy


For 5 administrations he headed NIAiD. When the Anthrax attacks happened with illegal biological weapons, weaponized Anthrax, and when coronavirus research created a strain that could infect humans, approved by the USG and created at a US university, he was there.


A Greek riot police officer runs to esca

Black Mirror – Bandersnatch

Posted: April 5, 2020 in -

J. Giambrone


I finally got to this at Netflix (I don’t have streaming). It is unlike any other show for the reason that it’s designed to be a multi-threaded story, and it’s about a multi-threaded video game. The multiple realities overlap and crisscross, and it frankly starts to make not a lot of sense by the end.

If anything can happen, then nothing matters. That’s the ultimate constraint for going out on a limb.

Bandersnatch goes out on a dozen limbs. The complexity is a factor, but it’s also in danger of becoming repetitive. The story lines keep backtracking to what we’ve already seen. This is a problem stemming from different media constraints: in a game, we can pursue one thread and skip the others; in a film we have to sit through all the threads, and we don’t actually get to choose. Even as the show pretends to place choices on…

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