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Zombieland 2 – Review

Posted: July 7, 2020 in -

J. Giambrone


I knew for a certainty that I was going to hate this. I loathed the first one. But, I was prodded into watching it because I’m possibly going to write/direct a zom-com, and the Zombieland franchise is the top zom-com happening at the moment. So, it was literally peer-pressure that foisted this on me.

For starters, one of the last people I want to watch is Jesse Eisenberg, and his tedious voice overs stretch through most of the movies. It’s torturous. Even Woody Harrelson, who at least made an effort previously, can barely be said to be acting at all this time around.

Hollywood revels in stupidity, and it will drown its audience in cringe-worthy mindlessness and then pat itself on the back for such genius. It’s insulting. Pain even through the opening credit sequence, and the affronts don’t end there.

Now, I don’t think these are bad people. They’re not…

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In ‘Russian Bounty’ Story, Evidence-Free Claims From Nameless Spies Became Fact Overnight



The lobby of the CIA Headquarters Building in McLean, Virginia


russia-russia-russia copy


Three steps forward two-and-a-half back?


A spokesman for the Taliban has denied that they accepted Russia-paid bounties to carry out attacks on Americans and other coalition soldiers, saying that the group needed no such encouragement for its operations. But one American official said the focus had been on criminals closely associated with the Taliban.

So not-Taliban-Taliban are the culprits now.

… the Taliban are known to have hired local criminals as freelancers, said Gen. Zaman Mamozai, the former police chief of the province.

This story gets more full of shit the more you read.

The central claim arrived with zero corroborating evidence that a wire transfer ever even happened.

When you’re talking about Afghan criminal networks with money, the obvious answer is: OPIUM TRAFFICKING. But, that gets no mention in the NY Times, as if there was no opium trafficking in the world’s #1 source for opium.



Katherine Ryan reveals the real reason she quit Mock the Week


Katherine hosting an all-female Cats Countdown, which happened exactly once.




General Patraeus, 2010:




“To date, DOD has no corroborating evidence to validate the recent allegations found in open-source reports.”
Big surprise…




SHAUN KING: A Private Law Enforcement Group on Facebook is Literally Plotting to Kill Me

Terminator Dark Fate – Review

Posted: June 27, 2020 in -

J. Giambrone

p14592194_v_h8_abReuniting Arnold and Sarah Connor, this film wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be. Not high praise, but come on: we’re on T5 now, and the previous couple were less than inspiring.

The story takes a giant leap back to the beginning to rekindle the magic that launched the series. A girl is targeted for termination by time-travelling killer robots, because she holds the key to the future.


Enter Mackenzie Davis, who shows up in everything these days! So, what’s a spoiler and what isn’t at this point? Hmmm. They went to some lengths to keep the players a mystery for as long as possible.

A couple of problems poked out at me. Not enough build-up for the Sarah/John Connor scene. The director opted for a fancy digital transition instead, rather than characterization. Later, the airplane sequence is so over the top it’s almost comical. When…

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PROJECT CENSORED: Student shot and produced, United States of Distraction: Fighting The Fake News Invasion chronicles critical media literacy and faculty experts, students, and media makers whom provide contextual analysis for understanding the current rise of the so-called “fake news” phenomenon. In addition to deconstructing fake news, the film reminds us that this is not a new development, but rather, a form of propaganda. The interviews provided in the film offer solutions for mitigating the pernicious influence of false content on America’s democratic institutions. Edited narrated by Abby Martin.