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She said Trump’s efforts during the 2016 election to reach out to African-American voters were nothing but a con to win their votes.


Omarosa accuses Trump of wanting to start a ‘race war’


Satanic Temple Unveils Baphomet Statue at Arkansas Capitol

Well, there’s something you don’t see every day.


Trump-Caligula copy





Participation comes after a push organized by the Boston Globe to run coordinated editorials against Trump’s attacks on the media


CIA/Corporate Fronts Engineering the World

Trump Booted From Walk of Fame

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And it’s about fucking time.

Hollywood City Council Votes to Remove Trump’s Walk of Fame Star Over ‘His Disturbing Treatment of Women’



Al retreated backward up the aisle, his eyes pinned wide open, and he gazed back at the immense specter Lou had become.

Lou’s distorted voice seeped in from every direction. “I am he who is ignored, left to toil in many guises. And I am he whom you serve, Al.”

No. I don’t serve you.”

But you do, Al. You’ve served me quite well. I’ll award you a gold star on my own little walk of fame. Your films have done a lot of heavy lifting for me, buddy.”

-Hell of a Deal, A Supernatural Satire



Americans are so fucking stupid they probably deserve this. Everything wrong with America is being done to them by other Americans, not foreign invaders, not Russians, not immigrants: all-American plutocrats in suits.


EPA is now allowing asbestos back into manufacturing




(And, of course, Syria, which they don’t bother mentioning.)

Yemen: US allies don’t defeat al-Qaida but pay it to go away

That’s because the coalition cut secret deals with al-Qaida fighters, paying some to leave key cities and towns and letting others retreat with weapons, equipment and wads of looted cash, an investigation by The Associated Press has found. Hundreds more were recruited to join the coalition itself.