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Sorry, Jimmy. Colbert was always this guy. Always.

Engineers at Columbia University in New York have developed a single-chip medical device so small it can be injected into patients using a hypodermic needle.

Tiny injectable chips use ultrasound to monitor your body… from the inside

This past year and a half, I’ve heard so much bullshit from uneducated self-proclaimed champions of “science.” Not one of them could tell you what the scientific method was if their lives depended on it. The web is flooded with useful idiots, manipulated fools who pretend they know things they have no concept of.

A story came out, from Robert Kennedy Jr., that Bill Gates and co. were looking into “microdots” to mark people who had received vaccines. Gates was (and is) pushing a global “vaccine compliance regime” that he profits from further. Just pointing out the evidence was some kind of heresy to those brainwashed by corporate media. Now we have mandatory “vaccine passports,” another of Gates’ wet dreams. He’s in it for the big dollar–the whole species must pay him tribute to continue living.

Ask those clowns what medical consent is and why it’s a human right.

We are surrounded by militantly ignorant people whose first response to any and all new information is to slander and libel the person informing them.

Do you think that may be contributing to the downfall of the American empire? Maybe it’s a good thing. Idiocracy collapsing. Whole lotta giddy Chinese.

Crisis: The big pharmaceuticals’ “Holy Grail”

Orwell missed a chapter.

Have no illusions; these are sinister people who may get us all killed.

It’s on, over at Twitter.

The TYT mob are attacking the honest journalists for disputing their imperial war propaganda. The Turds are looking for higher-paying jobs in corporate lie factories. Because their online shit show has lost all credibility.

Prevenge – Review

Posted: June 15, 2021 in -

J. Giambrone

Now we’re back on track.

I misremembered this film as a comedy, for its gimmicky title, but it’s more a psychological thriller in the style of 70s psychedelia. Its aesthetic may have even influenced Joker. That would be the closest film to compare it to, but Prevenge is easier to watch.

It also borders on masterpiece, but for the contrived backstory explanation.

It is pretty easy to look past plot issues when a pregnant nutter starts butchering the local man-pigs.

The cinematography and music are amazing.

I should mention that for 15 years I’ve had an idea for a pregnant woman on a rampage movie with more of an American style. Yeah. Boom.

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Former U.S. special envoy to Syria James Jeffrey says that the U.S. had “indirect channels” to al-Nusra (al-Qaeda’s offshoot in Syria) “through people in the media, people in the NGO world who did have direct contacts with them.”

2014: US allies “poured hundreds of millions of dollars & tens…thousands of tons of weapons into anyone who would fight against Assad. Except that the people who were being supplied were… Al-Qaeda and the extremist elements of jihadis.”

BIDEN obviously had no idea the CIA was orchestrating the whole thing, because he immediately had to “apologize” to Recep Erdoğan. Dumb V.P. not given that level of Clearance, and he thought he knew something.

Maté is in a Youtube war with Jabba the Hut impersonator Cenk Turkman. The fake “left” posers vs. journalism and truth. It’s all kind of obvious, unless you’re a zombie.

book documents the unsavory alliance between the Mafia, the CIA, and the corporate establishment