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Darwin Day Revelation: Evolution, Not Religion, is the Source of Morality

There you have it: the elemental fear that belief in evolution will cause morality to collapse. That fear is predicated on a powerful assumption: that morality comes to us from God via religion. This is false. It is demonstrably false.

If religion were God’s UPS, delivering a package of moral laws to humanity, you’d expect a single, consistent set. Yet, each religion includes unique laws that outsiders find baffling or repugnant. Hinduism has its “untouchables.” Buddhism (as understood by many) spurns those born blind or otherwise disabled for bad behavior in past lives. Judaism, Islam, and Christianity each have their oddities: Judaism’s law against mixing meat and dairy, Islam’s prohibition on figurative art, and Christianity’s ritual drinking of Christ’s blood, for example.


Killing Ed (trailer)

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The war on public education in the USA:



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Common Core: Hostile Takeover



Your vote means nothing in the Democratic Party…

…the state also put forward 8 “superdelegates,” who are insiders in the state’s Democratic party who are free to vote how they choose.

The DNC Just Screwed Over Bernie Sanders and Spit in Voters’ Faces

Bernie Sanders took 60% of the popular vote among the Democratic race on Tuesday, but because of the delegate process, Bernie Sanders will leave with a minimum of 13 delegates, but very likely 15. At the same time, challenger Hillary Clinton (who lost by more than a 20-point margin among the electorate) also walks aways with 15.


As I’ve said both major parties are criminal syndicates.

Spectre – My Review

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J. Giambrone


The Bond franchise churns on with plot gimmicks, gadgets, a vague imperialism, British nationalism, and yet another manufactured creepo bad guy whom no one will miss once dispensed with.

I first caught Bond’s circus at 3 or 4. Parents were fans, as my mother is British and any kind of UK culture was welcomed in. So Thunderball or On Her Majesty’s Secret Service may have been the very first serious films I saw. Serious here means aimed at adults. Thunderball dealt with stolen nuclear warheads before it was cool. That’s a pretty serious matter.

I can think of two nuclear warheads that the US “lost” just off the top of my head. One was in Greenland (1968), the other off the coast of Georgia (1958). One may long for James Bond’s competence and foresight, to clean up some of these ridiculous messes.

Lately I’ve grown tired…

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How to Counter Recruitment and De-Militarize Schools




A Hollywood producer has created @femscriptintros to expose the majority dolts who bang out this crap.

Twitter Account Shows How NOT To Introduce a Female Character

I would dispute the headline though. This is how it’s done. Not sure about the word “not.”




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Ron Howard presents Johnny Depp as Donald J. Trump…