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This British import arrived, and I knew not how nor why. But it’s a marvelous period piece, and the period is 1940. It’s also a movie about making a movie, and the characters are the screenwriters.

This nuanced tale tackles the sexism of the day. The main character is a Welsh girl who is suddenly called up by the Ministry of Information to help write “the slop,” which is female dialogue for their propaganda films.


When Dunkirk inspires a heroic rescue story, the plot kicks into gear. A news article praises a pair of sisters who stole their drunken dad’s boat to join in the rescue. The government functionaries decide this is grade-A propaganda to inspire the working class to go fight the Germans.


As Catrin develops the story with her co-writers, many tangents appear. Many obstacles to production too, and some are hilarious. Catrin grows as a writer…

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WOW. This fake “progressive” group has absolutely nothing to say about the Donna Brazile admissions that Hillary Clinton STOLE–FUCKING STOLE–the 2016 primary nomination from Bernie Sanders! Bernie Sanders can be considered a real “progressive,” while HIllary R. Clinton is a neoliberal warmonger and war criminal. Just the other day some ignorant denizens here were poo-pooing the idea that Shillary stole the nomination. Today, Brazile confirms it in no uncertain terms.

And the crickets chirp!


That’s the sound of hypocrisy. The sound of unethical groupthink and willful ignorance. God, I hope with every fiber of my being that John Podesta is hauled out in handcuffs in the Mueller roundup…

Baby Driver – My Review

Posted: October 14, 2017 in Joe Giambrone

J. Giambrone


I predict most people are going to buy into this and have a good time. Edgar Wright makes fluffy, inconsequential pop-tainment. It’s not about the ideas but the ride.

Baby Driver is a likable enough popcorn movie. It’s an old tale of a criminal with a heart of gold who finds love. The car action sequences are wild and well shot. Quirky people show up, nasty people, and “Baby” is the contrast to all of them.


I felt a bit hollow by the end, a definite lack of sustenance, but then again the film works on its own terms. It’s got the Hollywood/corporate mentality through and through. It’s not about offering ideas but about teasing the audience and, in the end, reinforcing the status quo. I’d argue it’s not art at all, but something other.

Wrecking Balls

The stand-up comedy novel.

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Wrecking Balls

Are there any others?


Blade Runner 2049 – My Review

Posted: October 10, 2017 in Joe Giambrone

J. Giambrone


There are myriad ways to think about this sequel depending upon one’s view of the original, or of the P.K. Dick story, or of cyberpunk, or of politics.

I couldn’t help but marvel at the cinmatography and sound design, however. With Roger Deakins on board, it’s more of a dream than a movie. Deakins is the top of the top of the heap, and he never fails. The visuals pay homage to the original but take it further. The soundtrack also seems lifted from the first, but again with more dynamic thunder and gut action.


With that out of the way, I still feel humbled by the job they did on the story and with the immense responsibility of continuing in such a legendary world. It gets 4 stars on that alone, but did it earn its 5th?

We have a case where the 5-star system doesn’t provide for enough…

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Wrecking Balls


Yeah, that’s right.