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9/11 & 28 pages of treason


Go ahead and laugh.

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How to Spot a Shill in Eight Easy Steps
In the Bernie campaign, it was the idea of “inevitability” that was used to puncture the enthusiasm of Berners. According to “Confessions of a Hillary Shill” on reddit, the hammering of the word “inevitable” in relation to Hillary was a totally deliberate construct of the PR firm employing the shills.
Hey – how do you know I’m not a shill?



Because I have thousands of posts right here, consistent, public, searchable. And thousands elsewhere, all over the fucking net. That’s pretty hard to fake. It takes years and years.  I back up my statements with sources, something 95%+ of the public is too lazy or ignorant to bother about. I actually care about veracity and credibility.

I don’t lose debates.

Thought of the Day

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America’s greatest industry is the manufacturing of lies.




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Morgan – My Review

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J. Giambrone


For a film that’s 75% an imitation of Ex Machina it’s not so bad. I guess we’re at that point of acceptance of AI robots coming to haunt our futures. It seems so inevitable that only the details remain unsettled.

They took it seriously as most of these attempt to do, excepting Lucy.


And I found out in the end credits that Morgan was little Witch Anya-Taylor Joy. How could I not have recognized her?

So they did something right. I’ll not say what it was. If you’re inundated with these AI films already you may be too burned out to appreciate the subtle differences. It does prompt a few ideas about limiting intelligence to certain areas of operations, rather than allowing expansive cognitive development–freedom.


So chew on that, and lock up your IPhones before they come for you in your sleep. Be assured someone is watching, collecting, waiting.

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Be the first kid on your block corrupted by stand-up comedy.
Wrecking Balls

My latest is up online as a limited offer. Copies are running out. Wrecking Balls is my fifth or sixth novel. Can’t remember. It tells the story of a broken friendship after the appropriation of a joke idea. You people claim to want something new, something different, something that doesn’t fit neatly in a box. Well here it fucking-well is.











It’s not so theoretical when it’s true, huh?

ALTERNET published this, yesterday, astoundingly:

“Clinton’s Health Is a Barely Disguised Way for Conservatives to Wallow in Bigotry”

…”But with Hillary there is this weird, conspiratorial, possessive attitude.”

She and her campaign have blatantly lied about her health for a month now. These propaganda organs never note the lies of Democrats, presenting a completely one-sided fantastical discussion, similar to the right-wing propaganda they purport to criticize.

A month ago, August 15th, Clinton’s own website said:

“Trump Pushes Deranged Conspiracy About Clinton’s Health To Distract From Tax Return Questions”

A “deranged conspiracy” that, in-the-end turned out to be true. She collapsed, and has supposedly been diagnosed with pneumonia (if you believe that), which she poorly attempted to hide from everyone since mid-August.

Clinton has been lying about her health for a month. Inspires much confidence. A nice touch is that what turns out to be true was previously labeled by her own website as a “conspiracy theory.”

That’s the story of modern propaganda in a nutshell. They scare people away from looking too closely at them by smearing them as “conspiracy theorists.” This pattern appears pervasively at left-gatekeeper outlets. They are the boy who cried “conrpiracy theory,” abusing the term as much as possible.

A bonus lie, the Clinton website subheading is: Factchecks.”

We know about Hillary Clinton’s conception of “facts.”

When you point out the real facts on propaganda sites like Alternet, there is only deafening silence. They do not respond to criticism, never did, and likely never will. They tell you; you don’t tell them. I have as much faith in their shady foundation-funded blinkered propaganda as I do in the Trump campaign.

Perhaps I can steer you toward an honest candidate?


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