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Captain Fantastic – My Review

Posted: November 27, 2016 in Joe Giambrone

J. Giambrone


This is the kind of film that you root for and want to succeed, but you know it’s going to betray its own values. When you try to say something in a Hollywood film you have to negate that message, blunt it, reverse it by the ending. These pseudo-alternative stories inevitably reinforce the status quo: where the people who fund the films live, their values. So the viewer feels like the fell for a bait and switch (the modern American paradigm).


While half of Captain Fantastic’s arrows hit their targets the script also suffered from some stinging false notes. The movie rolls on in a fog of dread about whether they’ll nail the next scene or embarass themselves with hamfisted preachiness or a staged comeuppance.

I’m one of the people on the side of the main character, wanting him to succeed. The movie’s contrivances work against an honest exploration of…

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The Night Manager – My Review

Posted: November 24, 2016 in -, Joe Giambrone

J. Giambrone


John le Carré does a Bondian mini-series.

First, I’d like to say that I’d rather read le Carré’s laundry list than most tripe farted out by Hollywood idiots. So we’re already ahead the moment the characters open their mouths. The story has far more authenticity and relevance than any Mission Impossible or American TV CIA propaganda.

John le Carré knows who the bad guys are.


That said, The Night Manager is not a perfect tale. It often falls back on pulpy secret love affair moments. Okay, that’s the market, and putting that aside, we have a decent story about infiltrating an arms smuggling ring. What the western media doesn’t dare investigate is why all those Syrian Jihadists have so many American-made heavy weapons. The Night Manager actually goes there, sort of. No Jihadists on screen, but an international mercenary brigade does show up to act as middlemen.

I was impressed…

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Green Carnage


Does the Green Party exist in the U.S. today?

After a shockingly ineffectual performance on Election Day 2016, the reality should be sinking in over at Green central. In a different context heads would roll. New blood would move in, new strategies the only issue, the only concern, the wake-up call to end all wake-up calls. The US Green Party faces an existential crisis today. This is the fork in the road. The current organization has failed spectacularly (yet again). Forget 5%, they couldn’t reach one and a half.

We cannot fault Jill Stein, who did the best she could and campaigned tirelessly. She appeared on more television screens than any other US Green in history, and yet votes did not materialize. One-percent stunts are simply not worth the effort, and they are not changing the world.

In 2011 I tried to alert the Party (repeatedly) that they were stuck in a failed cycle that needed drastic changes in order to succeed. The main points of my strategy proposal were as follows.


The only goal is to recruit tens of millions of Americans into the Green Party, to register them “Green,” and thus to build a credible alternative that Americans may trust to not be a “wasted vote.”

This requires a national effort, not ad-hoc state by state randomness. Nor city by city, nor Facebook group nor Twitter account. This mishmosh of random efforts is completely uncoordinated and redundant. Efforts are limited and wasted, and the advantages of the digital world are not exploited to their fullest potentials.

In any accounting of strengths, weaknesses, and available resources, we must be realistic. Greens are not the party of money, but of people power. Motivated members: their time and labor are the main available resources, not expensive TV commercials.

When I wrote the original document I had been a Green for over a decade, and since I’d moved to Northern California and re-registered the Party had not contacted me at all. I had nothing to do, no interaction, no initiatives to join in: nothing. No mojo. Plus Northern California is where the party supposedly began!

Greens are sitting around with nothing to do. That’s not how you build a party. You build a party by recruiting new members, and getting them to recruit new members, and so on, and so on, and so on. That should be the main concern of the national party structure, the only real concern. They should be providing tools to their own members to empower and assist them to organize and communicate with one another.


The party must immediately create infrastructure to help its own members organize.

1. A place to communicate, share ideas and to link up, such as a message board forum. Why this doesn’t exist already is beyond belief. Are you a party or a collection of whoevers, whenevers?

2. A media library to store photos, videos, audio, and text. There is no central depository for people to take the raw materials and build new projects. This ignoring of the modern age and its digital offerings is another fumble by a party that doesn’t seem to care if it loses.

3. A landing page to send new people in order to convince them to register Green. Take five minutes and actually put together a professional presentation to attract independents and disgruntled Democrats and talk to them.

Those are the bare minimum requirements for the party to actually exist. It does not exist at this juncture, sorry.

Dependable places for people to use and to build will demonstrate that the party is here and is active all year long, all the time.

Currently, it is mostly random and centered around a star presidential run. In 2011, when I first wrote the proposal, the Green websites were even more crude and off-putting. Some improvements have come around, but not the centers of activity that would provide a place for members to interact and spread important information virally among them: at the local level, the regional, and national levels. Good ideas are not being passed on to those who need them most because of disorganization. This hobbles the people you expect to be building the party and to recruit new members.

GP members are left to flounder in random Facebook or Twitter encounters. No central hub can be identified to check for news, media and initiatives to participate in. Without a centralized library, good content it is quickly forgotten and lost.

Now an anecdote to demonstrate the point. Over the past few months in a ‘Jill Stein Activists’ group on Facebook I began making graphic memes to promote her and the party, as well as to knock the competition. I made at least 47 images (gallery), and they were passed on by hundreds of people, very popular in fact, some of the most active content going around there.

Four days before the election I was suddenly kicked out of the group. No explanation. No rhyme nor reason. Was it related to an argument over the pervasive fake “news” (disinformation) littering the group? Probably.

So that was that. I’m out. The most productive member of the group tossed out without explanation. These groups are random, run by whomever at their own personal whims, and the Green Party has no oversight, investment, nor commitment to fairness or procedures.

That’s not a serious party in my book. Those are junior high school shenanigans masquerading.

The party insists on trying to compete in the national leagues, but continues to play in the Pee Wee league. In 2016 they still haven’t stepped up and invested in their own members and given them… anything that I can see.
Maybe some of its members will simply cease investing time and sweat in them?

Joe Giambrone

Bad Moms – My Review

Posted: November 18, 2016 in Joe Giambrone
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J. Giambrone


Before the horrible opening sequence even ended I was hoping for an atomic detonation to wipe out the entire plastic, bullshit town, and hopefully take out the filmmakers as bonus. The tone, the vapidity, the falseness, the obviousness, and the assault on intelligence did not portend pleasant experiences.

There is always a possibility that it was a setup, and that it might flip the script and become recognizable as tethered to the real world. Not the first scene, not the second, and her annoying voice-over continued its unfunny, unnecessary narration.

I imagined that Bad Moms was the type of material Guantanamo might play for captured Taliban, to break them. How much of this could I stomach? Smartly, I kept pausing its onslaught in order to articulate my disgust.


This was the strategy that pulled me through Cloud Atlas as well.

And so we continue…

Bad Moms is like a Perfect Storm

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Episode 1 is only 4 minutes. Check it out.



“Free market” is code for deregulating everything. It is what the billionaires always want, and it is what has been fought back for a couple of centuries.

It is code to eliminate things like child labor laws, worker protections, environmental protection, consumer rights. It empowers corporations and disempowers the rest of us.

There used to be children cleaning out smokestacks, fingers in the sausage, diseased meats, etc. Then the government stepped into their “free market” and made them follow some rules.

Don’t pass on right wing extremist propaganda without examining its real implications and meanings.

The mindlessness on the right often exceeds the mindlessness of the other side.



Snowden – My Review

Posted: November 6, 2016 in Joe Giambrone

J. Giambrone


It’s good that this film exists to explain things to many more people, those who get their info from the movies. I’m someone who has written and posted on these issues in real time for years, and so I knew most of the Snowden saga already.

Ed Snowden is an American hero who sacrificed for the greater good. James Clapper, Michael Hayden and Barack Obama have lied and covered up the extent of their Unconstitutional surveillance. They should have been removed from power years ago, for numerous reasons, and prosecuted. But there are two sets of laws in this country; don’t delude yourself.


Edward Snowden is special for several reasons. The most important one is that he brought the documentation to prove his claims. He knew that complaints without the documentation were worthless, and so the Catch 22 of getting documentation being illegal is exposed. The government makes its crimes…

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