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For masochists only, I didn’t watch the full film.

Had I known it was primarily about a farting corpse and only two characters, I wouldn’t have rented it. Chalk it up to being fooled by the “indie” film websites again.

Even the filmmakers say that this is a “film about a farting corpse.” It’s stuffed with gross-out humor and a boring relationship between two dudes, one dead.

The film has flashbacks inserted, but I couldn’t bring myself to care. One reason was that the flashbacks themselves (at the beginning anyway) were inconsequential, pointless: cuttable. The other reason was that I never did buy into the absurd premise and was left rolling my eyes alone up in the bleachers.


The Making Of feature was more interesting than the actual film. It showed how easily pleased the people behind it were, and how a juvenile gag can be stretched out for…

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