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This film came out long before this blog existed, and so there was no entry for it. I was critical of the film for not going far enough, but it is required viewing today. Get it.


It is, of course, a satire about American propaganda and gullibility when it comes to WAR.

Before I’m inevitably canceled for opposing Naziism in Amerika (or vaporized with the rest of you):

My Word of the Year, 2022, will be:


Can you guess why?

Pelosi now uses Nazi slogan, from Stepan Bandera (who murdered 4,000 Ukrainian Jews in WW2). It’s a dark day.


This just in: ZELENSKY Just Wore FASCIST Symbol to Speak to U.S. Congress

He’s so on-brand.

KAREN, the idea that the Biden regime is concerned about the poor foreign civilians of Ukraine is so absurd on its face, I question your basic competency.

That same Biden regime is starving Yemeni babies to death right now. And it has been since Obama was in office. It arms and assists the most tyrannical regime on earth: the Saudis. Biden also aided and abetted the proud, raving Neo-Nazis of Ukraine as they murdered a further 9,000 innocent civilians, mostly because those lived in Eastern Ukraine, spoke Russian, and would not submit to the new Reich installed illegally in 2014. That Reich was helped by Obama/Biden and particularly the US National Endowment for Democracy (NED) sic.

And Karen, I highly doubt you could find any of these places on a map. You’ve been given a new cheer and a little yellow and blue icon to do your virtue-signalling online, as you brainlessly help actual Nazis in Ukraine. Some of your friends even want to initiate total war against Russia, thus ending human life on earth in a nuclear catastrophe on a scale not seen since the dinosaurs were wiped out. So, forgive me if I don’t agree with your propaganda or respect your half-baked talking-point riddled opinions.

My FACEBOOK account was repeatedly frozen for posting the above image.

Now we know why. They actually are on the side of fascists. The Facebook official policies of allowing praise of Nazi Azov Battalion, and allowing “hate speech” and inciting violence against Russians is clear evidence of their pro-fascist leanings at Zuckerberg’s little fiefdom. Similarly, Google/Youtube has gone on a censorship rampage to support the fascist coup regime of Ukraine.

The Intercept:

Facebook Allows Praise of Neo-Nazi Ukrainian Battalion If It Fights Russian Invasion


Facebook owner defends policy on calls for violence that angered Russia

Understand that fascism quote. You’re living it. Understand that governments and corporations will team up to strip you of your rights, such as the right to free speech, and the right to body autonomy, and then to launch wars.

The war in Ukraine began in 2014. The Nazi junta deliberately murdered more than 9,000 civilians, plus thousands of separatist fighters. That was never a concern of Facebook, Google, Youtube, Joe Biden, or the US presstitute establishment.

The normalization of war propaganda and censorship of anti-war voices will be the death of millions–maybe billions.


TWITTER also censoring Ukraine war reporting:

Twitter is censoring reporting on Ukrainian Nazis on the pretext of “abusive behavior”

Revolution of Dignity - Wikipedia

(This term paper, for the University of California, sought to set the record straight on the 2014 destabilization and coup d’etat in Kyiv. The professor of the required political science class had infused his lectures with mindless pro-US propaganda for the entire semester. My intent was to school him, so that he would stop propagandizing the impressionable young students. Eighty-six footnotes, he had to give it an A.)

PDF | Medium | Activist Post


November 4, 2014


With current German best seller “Gekaufte Journalisten” (“Bought Journalism”) telling the true story of Udo Olfkotte being paid by the CIA for twenty-five years in order to spin the news in favor of US/NATO interests,1 the plummeting public confidence in corporate mainstream news is more than warranted.2 Of course Operation Mockingbird,3 a CIA scheme to influence and pay US journalists in the same manner,4 has long been exposed and yet is seldom discussed on public airwaves. A German TV sketch comedy troupe, Die Anstalt, satirized the glaring journalistic malfeasance in the media’s interpretation of the 2014 Ukraine conflict, to raucous applause.5 Closer to home, CBS reporter Sharyl Attkisson revealed the white house’s manipulation of and collusion with domestic mass media, when she was screamed at by an Obama spokesman, “The Washington Post is reasonable, the LA Times is reasonable, The New York Times is reasonable. You’re the only one who’s not reasonable!”6

This paper will argue that Western propaganda, in coordination with the U.S. State Department and the new Kyiv junta, has repeatedly and deceptively mischaracterized the complex events in Ukraine this past year and continues to recklessly instigate a dangerous conflict between nuclear armed Russia and NATO/United States.

It is impossible to assess the media reports concerning Ukraine without a comprehensive understanding of the events on the ground over this past year. Of particular significance is the question: who is attacking whom? The main meme that has been bulldozed by Western corporate news services appears to be that Russia has allegedly “invaded” the Ukraine in some sort of resurgent Soviet “empire”7 experiment. This is glaringly a case of the cart before the horse, framing the debate in terms of Vladimir Putin’s alleged intentions in nearly every major US news source. Ilya Somin writes in The Washington Post, “Russia already invaded Ukraine in a much more blatant and obvious way months ago when it occupied and annexed Crimea.”8

This is utter nonsense on its face. The Russian naval base at Sevastopol was always present, and so Russian forces did not “invade” at all. The base was located there by treaty, leased from the Ukraine government until 2042.9 The political situation in Crimea was decided by a popular referendum, democratically voted on by the people who live in the province, who overwhelmingly and unquestionably voted to secede from the illegitimate Kyiv coup d’etat regime that overthrew the democratically elected Yanukovych government in February of 2014. Results of this Crimean referendum vary from “96.77%” in favor of secession at Russia Today10, to the Kyiv Post conceding that “93 percent of Crimeans voted to join Russia, and street celebrations under way.”11 The obvious meaning of this referendum, that democracy was working, soon washed away and tales of “invasion” on Russia’s part became the main western propaganda narrative that European and American citizens would hear about on their televisions.

John Kerry took point in preemptively denouncing the Crimean exercise in democracy when he issued threats to Russia on March 13th.12 He also claimed that, “There is no justification, no legality to this referendum that is taking place.” This was from the man who recognized the violent Kyiv street mobs as the legitimate government of the entire nation of Ukraine after they seized power through chaos, Molotov cocktails, firearms and wounding upward of “500” police.13 Kerry’s boss, Barack Obama, even went to the absurd length of calling the Nuland/Yatsenyuk coup d’etat government “duly elected.”14

In response to the US claim of illegality, Russian president Vladimir Putin responded directly:

“Moreover, the Crimean authorities referred to the well-known Kosovo precedent — a precedent our western colleagues created with their own hands in a very similar situation, when they agreed that the unilateral separation of Kosovo from Serbia, exactly what Crimea is doing now, was legitimate and did not require any permission from the country’s central authorities. Pursuant to Article 2, Chapter 1 of the United Nations Charter, the UN International Court agreed with this approach and made the following comment in its ruling of July 22, 2010, and I quote: “No general prohibition may be inferred from the practice of the Security Council with regard to declarations of independence,” and “General international law contains no prohibition on declarations of independence.” Crystal clear, as they say.”15

One wonders if Kerry and Obama would have held the democratic aspirations of the people of Scotland in similar regard, and whether Edinburgh would currently be bombed with artillery and aerial assaults had that nation voted slightly differently this past August. The prize for the most shrill hysteria over Crimea, though, should go to Hillary Clinton: “It’s what Hitler did back in the 30s.”16


The Expanse Has Concluded

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J. Giambrone

The Expanse on Amazon: cancelled? season six? (release date) - canceled +  renewed TV shows - TV Series Finale

(at Amazon Video)

At Season One I was hesitant. It did have a different aesthetic than later. The Blade Runner stylings annoyed me (even Blade Runner had moved on), but it left a cliffhanger. That cliff was pretty high.

So, the sci-fi people already will have seen it, but civilians I cannot say. This is a hell of a ride. At this point, I think it should be on a short list of the best stuff on TV, along with Westworld.

Story dragged slightly in the middle but then came on like big-screen blitzes. Wow. And emotional to boot. This is a 5 S-star series.

The Expanse Season 6 Implies Drummer & Naomi's True History

The world has been meticulously thought out, the physics and design of future crafts and living situations. Also the politics is quite advanced for the sheeptato crowd.

What more do you want to know?

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Netflix Suspends Employees for Crashing Meeting Amid Chappelle Uproar -  Rolling Stone

Much controversy surrounds Dave Chapelle’s longtime feud with the Trans community.

The feud is so inflated and over-the-top that even Terry Gilliam was canceled for simply endorsing this Netflix special. I find it hard to fathom how such a tiny minority of the population could wield such power over creative expression, but here we are.

Firstly–Dave is hilarious. He’s as sharp as they come. This is a funny special, but it’s also coldly calculated, meticulously delivered, and political. We do learn, and I hope this isn’t a real spoiler, that The Closer means his last stand-up special for some time. This is all the Chapelle you’re gonna get, so check it out.

I’m pretty much in agreement with Dave and not outraged about anything he’s said. I don’t care for having my pronouns, nouns, verbs, or adjectives dictated by random people who want to stick them in my face. Just fuck off with that. There’s an air of arrogance to these “social justice warriors”, belligerence even, that is distasteful at first sight. While you may be going through–whatever–it’s not my problem. Don’t make it so.

And so, Dave brings it all back to race in America, and he’s lived it. He’s not pontificating. He’s just telling it like it is for the most part. The only place you can hear the truth about anything these days is at a comedy club. There’s no truth anywhere else that I can locate, except maybe here at the Political Film Blog…

Don't Look Up Trailer Reveals Dark Comedy With Leo DiCaprio, Timothee  Chalamet

This disjointed experience (experiment) is tonally inconsistent and jumpy. But the part I had trouble with was the politics underlying it. There seemed a battle of wills for control of the narrative, and the film suffered because of it.

They tried to tell three different movies in this thing, and two of them I’m fine with. The third was cheesy and frankly dishonest.

In the good columns we have a disaster movie, a truly satirical apocalypse tale. We also have a family drama and stardom, relationships and the strains beneath the media spotlight. Then we have the third movie: Orange Man Bad and everything is because of Trump–excuse me–Meryl Streep.

The crass dishonesty of painting one party as the problem and the other as the “science” brigade is a whopper. Since both parties are fully responsible for the global warming issue and metaphor that sparked DiCaprio in the first place. When both parties are doing it, you can’t just make it one party’s blame because that’s glaringly dishonest. People can see through that.

Let’s bring it back to facts right now:

The Biden administration said its drilling-lease spree in the Gulf was court-ordered. It wasn’t.

I think we all also remember that Biden’s son Hunter was fracking gas in Ukraine… for some reason.

In what way is this fossil-fuel industry simply the Republican party? When filmmakers refuse to even look at the depredations of their own team–oh wait–that’s the central plot of this film!

And now we’ve achieved some staggering hypocrisy. I do believe political hacks from the blue team were involved in shaping the story and making it partisan. Perhaps Adam McKay, or perhaps David Sirota, or perhaps the people with the large budget for filming this thing.

But, of course, I love Jennifer Lawrence and so all sins are forgotten, almost. DiCaprio was very good as well. It’s a mixed-up-bag.

How Peter Sellers Lost His Fourth Role in 'Dr. Strangelove' - Metaflix

I could have used more dark humor. We had a Strangelove event but no Kubrick. No Kubrick.


Political Film Blog has REAPPEARED since last night, when I began complaining.

How to battle a monolith with that level of tactical power at its disposal?


Disappeared again! If you look closely, the wordpress version of this blog is not on page one search results, despite three other versions of this blog appearing correctly at the top.

I just scrolled through 12–count them–12 Google search result pages to find the first direct link to The Political Film Blog, by searching “political film blog.” You can try it yourself.

And you KNOW they deliberately disappeared it because other versions of this site do appear at the top, including the Facebook version and the Tumbler version, as well as a Medium page that I launched but haven’t kept up with.

But this domain is invisible all the way to page 12, where some irrelevant page here is linked for no discernible reason.

Google used to seem honest and trustworthy. Not anymore.

J. Giambrone

Midsommar Review

Okay, so the most trite buzzline imaginable is: Wicker Man for anthropology students. Now I know that’s reductionist assholery, but on a base level it could be perceived that way. They are literal anthropology students doing anthropology student stuff. This does bog it down a bit. And while some of the horror aesthetics annoyed me at the beginning, I was turned around when the contingent made their trek to northern Sweden.


Because, while The Wicker Man was firmly set against the return to pagan ritualism, Midsommar seems on the fence. Where spills and chills poured naturally from the conflict against the English detective and his invasion of their lands, in Midsommar it’s not all malevolence–or is it? There’s a sales pitch that accompanies the human sacrifices. I did like that part.

And the unstated anti-sales pitch for American “bros” and their culture deserves a nod. The…

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6 Stars

Arguably the best movie I have ever seen, you would be a fool to miss this. I must have seen between 3 and 5 thousand of the bastards.

This is bold, beautiful, and a masterpiece. Edgar Wright is now at the top of his game. Anya-Taylor Joy just delivers flawlessly. And the plot is quite a ride.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is wireap_77746a20f491452b843587ad9907c322_16x9_1600.jpg

I should mention my own project Time of Death has a similar worlds touching through a ghostly connection thing. It’s also about a first-year, unstable, artsy student. So, I was hooked entirely, as Edgar did it so well. The technical side is ahead of the viewer by far.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Last-Night-in-Soho-Thomasin-McKenzie-Anya-Taylor-Joy.jpg

You don’t need to know any more and risk spoilers reading internet crap like this. Just go see it.