Chernobyl Horrors

Stills from documentary records of the Chernobyl catastrophe.


The UN/IAEA has deliberately under-counted the casualties in an effort to hide the real damage from radiation contamination.  This is in the service of promoting atomic power through the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

See more in these articles:

A video speech by Steven Starr, MT (ASCP) from Physicians for Social Responsibility that covers many of the same points:


Cancer Risk To Young Children Near Fukushima Daiichi Underestimated


From the 2006 film Battle of Chernobyl:

From the Academy Award winning film Chernobyl Heart, by Maryann DeLeo:

  1. I have read and heard things about the lasting affects of the tragedy, but the photographs tell the whole story. Difficult to press like, but your preservation of history is certainly commendable.

  2. curi56 says:


  3. Editor says:

    I don’t understand the comment.

  4. Power cares nothing for the collateral damage they cause for constantly building deadly toxic everything on the absolute cheap including labor. If labor doesn’t rise up as it did in the early 20th Century, power will continue it’s insanity unabated. Workers of the world unite. You have nothing to loose but your chains.

  5. Editor says:

    Parroting Marxist cliches isn’t going to help.

  6. how are the children in the photos now ,can anyone say please ,thease are old pictures does anyone go back??

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