This is what modern fascism looks like:

Fracking Victim Sued for Defamation After Proving Drinking Water Flammable

The corporations poisoning and contaminating drinking water are suing their victims for talking about it. They should be in prison cells. This is the corporate-state power Mussolini championed.


The thing is, I didn’t buy any fake ones. I actually block and report any douche monkeys who try and sell me followers.

Now the big question is if anyone actually reads or gives a rat’s feces about Twitter?

Birdman – My Review

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Not much point in reviewing the Best Picture of the Year unless one is going to radically dispute the assessment. So go and watch it.

There may be a point to talking about Birdman. It was astounding on so many levels, a technical achievement I’m still scratching my head over. The characters were fantastic, and this is an actors’ movie. Everything came together to really elevate the art form this time.

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It was a natural choice for the academy voters, a blending of cinema and theater in a novel way. Theater’s edge of the cliff performance meshed with Hollywood’s spectacular visual trickery. As each sequence is long and meticulously staged the result is like a live theater performance. The actors and crew were pushed to extremes.

Alejandro Gonzales is such an incredible director that it’s humbling. Add to that Emmanuel Lubezki, who is probably the best cinematographer today, and…

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As this blog chronicles to the point of nausea: they can find you, the NSA and friends, that is. You can be tracked. You can be digitally fingerprinted, data mined, sued into bankruptcy and imprisoned. That’s why I don’t watch pirated movies. I pay my Netflix bill, and I watch ad-generated sites like Hulu, Break, and Crackle, occasionally.

As an author and creator I also respect the concept of Copyright. There needs to be a way for creative people to see some money at the end of the road, or else there won’t be production of more important works. The people won’t exist. They won’t be able to survive.

That said, I’m not crying for big movie studios…

Hollywood should be very afraid of Popcorn Time, the “Netflix for piracy”

There have been countless lawsuits against BitTorrent services and their users. Some, notably in Sweden, have been successful, even ending up in convictions. But in the US, asMother Jones reported a year ago, judges have been getting more skeptical about the evidence copyright holders present. Basically, an IP address—a number that identifies each computer connected to a network—is no longer considered such a reliable indicator of who has been actually downloading or uploading files.



The former Monsanto boss said government regulatory agencies with which the company used to deal with in the 1980s simply depended on data supplied by the company while giving approvals to herbicides.

Monsanto ‘faked’ data for approvals claims its ex-chief
Monsanto has been committing fraud around the globe, according to former managing director of Monsanto India, Tiruvadi Jagadisan.

“The Central Insecticide Board was supposed to give these approvals based on the location and crop-specific data from India. But it simply accepted foreign data supplied by Monsanto. They did not even have a test tube to validate the data and, at times, the data itself was faked,” Jagadisan said.

“I retired from the company as I felt the management of Monsanto, USA, was exploiting our country,” Jagadisan, 84, said from his home in Bangalore.

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Guess where Bill wasn’t when George de Mohrenschildt allegedly killed himself (one of about 50 Kennedy assassination witnesses to die in questionable circumstances)?

That would be in the same state, of Florida. The lies are piling up around this lying, sneering, fascist scum sucking monster…

The O’Reilly tapes: Phone recordings raise new questions about JFK story

O’Reilly can also be heard detailing his travel plans. Although he never said where he was calling from, O’Reilly made it clear where he was not.

“I’m coming down there tomorrow,” he said. “I’m coming to Florida.”