Sorry, Clown



Where to begin?

You post factual claims without bothering to tell people where those facts allegedly came from. This is the opposite of informing, and no one can be certain if your claims have any validity whatsoever.

Many meme-posters, like yourself, when confronted with the above blame their own readers.

They say things like, “YOU can just look it up.”

Can I?

Then, why didn’t you?

It is your responsibility to support your claims, not the readers’. Your entire grade-school education tried to teach you this, but now, as an adult, you cannot do research at even a 5th-grade level. So, why should anyone rely on you for facts?


You’ve put a burden onto everyone else–except yourself–to fact-check whatever drivel you felt like posting today. Does that situation make any sense to you, that potentially thousands of readers should go independently try to check out your claims when you could have done it for them in the first place?


I don’t want to be involved in a movement where facts don’t matter, nor one where people are too brainwashed by ideology to care if claims are true or false. That is a movement of clowns.


In a land where even the President is averaging 15 falsehoods a day  (SEE HYPERLINK CONNECTS TO A VALID SOURCE THAT ACTUALLY COUNTS THE DECEPTIONS), I will no longer associate with those who add to this cacophony of noise, this river of diarrhea running down people’s screens. They are a major part of the problem.

Their half-assed bullshit displaces valid journalism that comes about because of a lot of hard work and ethical investigation. These clowns want to be treated like real journalists, but they don’t have any responsibility to behave like real journalists.


I’ve had enough of clowns. Shove your stupid memes.