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This oddity left me wondering what the hell it was all for? This is not a sci-fi film, and it’s not about a space station. It’s a pseudo-period film, set in the 1970s inside another fictional sci-fi movie.

So it’s about mores and biases from the past. The obvious question is if they are still infecting the present? If the red parts of the maps are accurate then perhaps there’s something to that concept. Sexism, patriarchy, homosexuality, and parenting all get a poke. But it does seem like something is off-kilter in the plot of this thing.

I did laugh several times. The intentional awkwardness of the interactions makes this a comedy of discomforting social phenomena. The drugged-up useless mother versus the overachieving, childless career woman, the repressed homosexual captain vacillating between his overcompensating butch demeanor and flirting with his clueless crew, there are some familiar characters and tropes out of the 70s. But in the end, I thought there was a gaping hole in the story, some missing spine.


It ends a bit dark, too. The exclamation point seems to want to say that this happened, in another context, in another realm on earth. So is it motivated by a troubled 70s childhood? 

On a five-star scale, I’d have to go about 2 for the laughs. It’s a curiosity more than a movie.


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Did Jerry Rubin sell out?  He seems more concerned with rejecting the past than in addressing the ongoing problems.


Funky Alice learns about drugs.



(in the early 1970s)

Domestic right wing extremists were armed and organized by FBI agents to attack Vietnam War protesters.

Must read:

“The report also stated that the SAO planned to kidnap and murder protestors of the 1972 Republican National Convention, which was to be held in San Diego before being relocated to Miami Beach. An assassination attempt of Dr. Peter Bohmer, professor at San Diego State University, and Paula Tharp, reporter for the San Diego Street Journal, brought about the arrests of several SAO members who later acknowledge an FBI connection. During the investigation, the gun used in the assassination attempt was found in the home of FBI agent Steven Christiansen, who was subsequently identified as a SAO contact. In 1973, Godfrey, testifying as an FBI informant, claimed he received up to $20,000 in weapons and a $250 per month income from the FBI to recruit new SAO members and provide information to agents. He also testified to the criminal acts of several SAO operatives, including fellow leader Jerry Lynn Davis. Official statements from the FBI claimed no involvement with the SAO, and no agents were prosecuted.”

…[admitted FBI informant Howard Barry] Godfrey had regularly supplied the SAO with money and weapons on behalf of the FBI.”

A newspaper office was attacked. A car firebombed. Informants infiltrated, while meetings were monitored. There were plans to poison the punch at antiwar meetings. A theater was bombed. Bulletins were published on “how to make booby traps, how to use ammonium nitrate in high explosives,””

DHS says FBI “possibly funded” Terrorist Group


Freak Daddy rages and cults up LA, babies (Boingboing).


Now there’s a guy who’s livin’ the life (film website).