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As long as I’m panning some recent YA tripe, I might as well propose alternatives.  This story of a mentally challenged young woman stuck in my mind, and I just stumbled over it again while looking for highly rated films on Amazon Prime (a streaming movie site with a growing library).

Patricia Arquette plays Alice, a deaf and abused girl who’s treated like an animal by her rural monster of a father.  Kept in a pig pen, they keep her alive but aren’t happy about it.

One day a neighbor brother and sister stumble upon the shack where Alice is kept.  The boy becomes fascinated with rescuing her from the horrible conditions, setting him up in opposition to the potentially murderous father.

As Alice is civilized and cleaned up, she starts to have feelings for the boy, who’s destined to go off to college.  Unable to understand the complexities of life, Alice becomes single mindedly devoted to the boy.  He, after saving her from the life of a tortured animal, must confront the new sentence awaiting Alice, the life of a freak, an unloved and unlovable wretch.

This emotional tear jerker was directed by Diane Keaton and features very strong performances by all.





BY ROGER EBERT / December 20, 1991

Oliver’s Stone’s “JFK” builds up an overwhelming head of urgency that all comes rushing out at the end of the film, in a tumbling, angry, almost piteous monologue – the whole obsessive weight of Jim Garrison’s conviction that there was a conspiracy to assassinate John F. Kennedy…