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Now that’s a satire. More.


Anyone who used to hang around the video store has probably already seen this twisted take on the 60s.


Gotta say I preferred Dirty Duck though. But hold on, there’s more.  I was a bit nervous even clicking on this one.  Talk about exploitation, now I have to find a copy of this and see for myself…




American Shaman: Groovy Guru Lives the Dream

Best documentary I’ve seen in years.

Father Yod, the high priest of psychedelia, will blow your little minds, children. There are jaw-dropping moments that may get you to question your own preconceptions.  Told by the Children of Aquarius themselves, this smart documentary includes tons of primary evidence.  Based in Los Angeles in the early 70’s The Source Family was surrounded by cameras.  Beautiful, lost children flocked to the spiritual leader, who seems to have forged his own path between exploitation and genuine teacher.

Editing is quick, and talking heads don’t appear for more than a sentence at a time, as the photographs and movies of the age tell the story.  The filmmakers themselves are women, and the story gives former lovers of Father their say.  Yod himself was a character and a half, like you won’t find elsewhere.  This is the stuff legends are made of.


Film didn’t fare well in theaters because of full frontal nudity and birth scenes.  It’s not rated, to avoid the stigma of NC-17, and therefore must have met with resistance.

If you want to see what crazy really looks like, then definitely watch this doc.  Or maybe you’re the crazy one, and Father Yod was God’s instrument on earth???